Modern Chinese writers yedda Chen about the survival of the road: “lost” and “ground”

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yedda Chen level of writers. Shaanxi opera research institute, dramatists association, chairman of the federation vice-chairman of shaanxi province, shaanxi province, xi ‘an jiaotong university part-time professor, creation “leave the truth”, “the late open roses”, “the tree westward”, xiking story over 10 large plays, including “late roses”, “a tree westward are & other; Works of drama literature & throughout; And & other The mandarin screenplay & throughout; , and were included in the national stage art high-quality goods project & other 10 boutique play & throughout; . A number of creative film and television works, a long drama & other Who & throughout; . In the field of drama, TV, lyrics, won several & other; Five engineering & throughout; Award. Issue has chosen yedda Chen plays “, “selected yedda Chen’s ci, prose essays must arrive and other works, won the central propaganda department, the ministry of human resources and social security, China federation jointly awarded & other; The young and middle-aged smashing literary and art workers & throughout; The title. The ministry of culture outstanding experts, enjoy the state council special allowance experts. The national propaganda culture system & other; Four throughout a batch of talents &; .

hot summer in July, as a modern Chinese 2011 national excellent dramas performance of one of the key, “qin xiking story with its passionate and wild roar, to inject capital, audiences’ hearts of cool and refreshing, a few minutes of thinking. Why slightly cold and cheerless, the drama stage realistic subject problem for the present, xiking story writer yedda Chen and his shaanxi opera research institute, but could produce a batch of barrage & other; Leadership satisfaction, experts praise, and the people love & throughout; The work? Modern dramas creation on earth where is difficult? Also faces what mistake? Recently, the reporter to interview yedda Chen on the above issues.

pay attention to the survival state of the underlying people

reporter: your newly created modern dramas xiking story, and was awarded the national stage art engineering & other; 10 boutique play & throughout; The late open roses “, “the tree westward”, was the industry known as & other; Modern Chinese yedda Chen trilogy & throughout; . At the outset there is such a & other; Trilogy & throughout; The plan?

yedda Chen: this 3 can play the audience recognition, there is also still stand the test of time, I am very pleased. Actually I also is inadvertently stick. Always wanted to write historical themes or classic plays, but to put pen to paper, found out the most touched his own living, with the reality of life warm, and again put other theme is delayed, chose the realistic themes. As recently, originally wants to write a xuan zang as the hero of historical play, the results have a touches own reality, so the modern dramas I might have to write down then.

reporter: literary works in some similar & other; Trilogy & throughout; More or less the existence of art quality is uneven, you this 3 play a spectacular, a race is a race a moving. Such creative passion in the more than 10 years and the creation of such a high quality, how do you do it?

yedda Chen: these works can reverberate in the society, I think, mainly lies in its reflection and the truth of life and social connection tightness. The three play is write a worm, cut from a small point. Like the trees moving west, some people say that such a large subject should be written in epic works, can choose a big professors or QianJiao decision-maker to write, but I didn’t, I think drama should write a personal character and the growth of the mind. Xiking story is write a worm, I live in the road every day, nearly two thousand migrant workers come and go, I don’t think they have a story.

we always watched this society spire on some of the characters of life, a lot of people seldom think about the bottom of life. Such as I wrote in “late roses” Qiao Xuemei, everyone’s in 1998 to write a strong woman, live in villa woman, but I don’t understand, only those people’s life is valuable? By now, the thinking should be valued. We must attach importance to the underlying people, ordinary people’s life, more don’t use a & other; Fashionable & throughout; Idea to look at their life is old or new. We should focus on the real life, instead of the old and new ideas. Cognitive evaluation plays with idea is new or old, misjudgement may be some work. Concept is under the background of different social different people look at the different point of view of things. The so-called artistic vitality, to a large extent, lies in the truth of life.

fashion modern dramas to stripping Deep into the spirit of

reporter: recently in an interview, often hear people said reality subject is difficult, what do you think?

yedda Chen: really hard to, and the survival rate is very low. It difficult in each of us live in the here and now, you write each kind of life, will face different point of view, this requires you to think deeply about, real people the identity of the writing, but also to withstand the test of time.

in addition, for the realistic subject, when a writer in the all-round care when a kind of social phenomenon generated reason, will involve some sensitive issues. This needs in the face to face with the reality of the society at the same time, with great wisdom and skill to balance, should not only keep the criticism, and want to see the light and hope, and to undertake the social responsibility of the authors, is not easy.

reporter: from the point of view of a senior theatre worker, do you think of the present situation of our country’s modern dramas creation? In writing, whether there is some misunderstanding?

yedda Chen: in recent years the development of Chinese realistic themes drama creation and soon, by the competent department of culture in this area to do a lot of work, and pays attention to the positive value guidance, some outstanding works emerge every year. But overall, the modern Chinese writing also need to the humanity, the human spirit to explore, dig deep. A lot of play, the human mind is not fully open, also in the narrative level, nature does not meet the audience.

I’m not always has a point, stripping of fashion, we should strive to deep into the human spirit, to dig the age of some of the most valuable thinking and emotion. If only keen on surface of the story, is keen to guan yong shows his care, the current politics, the vitality of modern dramas will weaken.

why many modern Chinese writing is not good, now is a proposition composition is too much, for example to describe important events, YingMo characters, successful people, these should be written, but had to rush to write, and thinking is not thorough, the art value is less. The second is keen to find hot topics. In today’s rapidly changing society, the more looking for hot, cold the faster, the greater the likelihood of failure.

way to survive is to & other; Grounding gas & throughout;

reporter: what do you think, to complete the creation of the modern Chinese good?

yedda Chen: the realistic subject must solid into life, into the bottom, into the human heart and a state of unusual.

creators still need to hold the middle way, impartiality, just right, not too much to make public, purification of a thing, and to discover the truth in real life, the salvage value to be covered up. From the point of the whole theater, is to adhere to constant values, ethics, morality, can stand the time he makes a lot of works, become a classical repertoire.

reporter: so, in the small people and the underlying life highlights a constant value, the modern Chinese can be said to be the creation of a tool, a kind of shortcut?

yedda Chen: YingMo not can’t write characters, and also have to write well. But the more the more need to write YingMo & other; Grounding gas & throughout; His unusual side, the more want to write. Now many play an opening, to see the character and are bright spots, all the way up sublimation, sublimation to all the height of the unattainable, fit the complexity and the depth of a person, it’s hard to let it be accepted.

the moment to find drama survival road, is to grounding gas, attention to person’s true heart. A vast country of 1.3 billion people, and if history subject only CARES about Kings and princes, beauties, realistic themes about switching from elite, successful people, will be serious from the masses. The psychology of literary and art workers can contact more people, write their painful, especially pay attention to the voice of the weak, it is very important. Opera this grass-roots art, should flow in his bones for vulnerable blood of life, if forgotten this, that is the creation of the essence and discard the it life essence.

drama must not lose dignity, profundity

reporter: in the present the diversified entertainment era, some people think that the development of stage art space has been more and more narrow, more and more being eroded by the other way, what’s your opinion about this?

yedda Chen: I don’t think so, on the contrary, I feel the drama in the recovery. From the perspective of shaanxi, the theatre audience more and more. In rural areas, needless to say, “qin was still their main form of entertainment; Province opera institute & other; Every day there are qin & throughout; Performance is also a day running, has developed a lot of young fans. So the key is to have the audience watching the good work, keep the performance of normalized.

but drama people must also be alert, if because drama not as good as the ideal, then at the price of the loss of aesthetic noumenon, in an attempt to use & other Genetically modified (gm) & throughout; & other; Cloning & throughout; And funny way to save the drama and entertainment to death, is likely to be counterproductive. Once the drama lost the sense of personality, dignity and profundity, it will be more and more from the public. National drama as an art with a history of several hundred years in the field of & other; The old man & throughout; , more should keep good tradition, do not go with the flow.

reporter: you in the future development especially opera drama art and look forward to?

yedda Chen: raising plays in today’s social status and role, and should be some unique sound of the period, and the realistic subject matter more advantages than a historical themes. So we should pay attention to more practical subject, the government should also continue to increase investment in this respect, research and guidance, make realistic subject real works of art, rather than become & other; Street performance & throughout; .

are now talking about cultural awareness and cultural self-confidence, when national self-confidence improved, national opera as an important part of Chinese culture, also will be more and more manifest. So I think, national opera in the future and promising, modern dramas is promising.