Monroe photos Warsaw clap a 750000 dollars 238 only one did not clinch a deal



under the green lens, Monroe is not only a sexy goddess, and seem to be noble, pure, and so he these photos is deep Monroe fans and collectors.

recently, 238 precious pictures of Hollywood star in Warsaw, Poland, auction, most of which are Marilyn & middot; Monroe’s photos, the & other; Blonde & throughout; Avatar ballerina photos such as by buyers. Auction party, said in a statement on the same day a total of nearly 500 buyers present bidding, finally only a photograph in no auction success, clinch a deal amount up to $750000. The data also hit a photo in Poland’s history sale amount is high.

in addition auction Monroe’s photos, also includes Audrey & middot; Audrey Hepburn and Elizabeth & middot; Taylor, grace & middot; Kelly, Malone & middot; Brando, such as a golden age of hang down the history of star. These photos are from the late American photographer Milton & middot; A green hand.

these pictures that belonged to a businessman back in Chicago in the United States, but he is dragged into a pile of fraud in the 1990 s, was charged with fraud polish government millions of dollars. Finally in 1995, his collection of about 4000 images of celebrities, as part of the repayment of the debt to the polish government for compensation. Since these photos have been stored in a warehouse in New York, it was not until march this year to Warsaw. The auction of this batch of photos is one part of it.

photographer Milton & middot; Green is a master of fashion photography, fellow called & other; The most good at women throughout the photographer &; . He is a good friend, Monroe is also one of the most trusted people in Monroe. Most of the photos taken years between 1953-1957. At that time, the green is not only the Monroe’s adviser, is also a business partner.

general photographers have dozens of Monroe’s photos have been well worth bragging about, but the current green surviving Monroe’s photos, a total of more than 5000. With Monroe lipstick, comb my hair, also have the picture of her when the meal, called.

the most striking is a photo of a batch of have never shown to the public, including the little-known Monroe life & other; The New York times & throughout; Left by the image. Under the green lens, Monroe is not only a sexy goddess, and seem to be noble, pure, so he these photos is deep Monroe fans and collectors.

as a result, on the same day, a Monroe, dressed in a black stockings, black and white photographs for $16000, another & other; Ballerina & throughout; Modelling of Monroe photos for $20000. And a photo of Monroe in bed clap a 8500 dollars.

reporter Yang Men