Monuments, reveal “bullshit”

& ndash; & ndash; And the authenticity of hanged mountain to the

to discuss

a, bullshit tablet

the second, the inscription

3, bullshit tablet reveal

4, Qi County hirayama one day

Qi County henan hebi city has an unusual ancient tomb, because its are & other; Bull & throughout; The word, people call it & other; Bullshit tablet & throughout; . Bullshit tablet is one of the Qi County famous cultural relics.

a, bullshit tablet

1, the bull tablet

bullshit stone, stone, the first round, 1.78 meters high, 0.86 meters wide, 0.18 meters thick. Sun about 2 cm from edge of tablet have a Yin line circled the tablet, circle the first bow shaped monuments, string will be divided into two parts, a bow shape above, below a rectangle. Circle the first bow transverse writing & other; Don’t come throughout the &; . The center of the rectangle vertical writing & other; Ty very xian weng to take off the bone throughout the &; .

today’s bullshit tablet has no words, because & other; Throughout the &; Word has been broken. According to the “alborada township”, monuments, composition, grammar, and the old man the proof of the beholder, have the words clearly.

& other; Thai & throughout; Words written on the right side & other; Pull & throughout; , on the left side of the write & other; Light & throughout; . & other; Pull & throughout; Below vertical writing & other; Shuimu’s late Ming JiaShen WengYan people visit the fix true story has detailed yunmeng JiaShen ji yi to afraid to fat such as weng & throughout; 32 words. & other; Light & throughout; Below vertical writing & other; Born not say life of mo take an examination of the ji, or ten have two ji he yue ran four gate qing unique romance took the old man made & throughout; 32 words. Monuments, Yang carved seventy-seven words.

BeiYin without Yin line around, didn’t also the file 靣 bow shape. Circle the first vertical moment & other; BeiYin & throughout; The word. Here in the middle of vertical moment & other; Virtue is the most happy & throughout; . The right side of the vertical moment & other; No campaigns irresponsible people not deceiving spirits not deceives lean & throughout; . On the left side of the vertical moment & other; Someone asked me only in the virtual practice method spirit between natural & throughout; . 34 inscription BeiYin altogether. All tablet engraved 111 words.

2, monuments, bull story

there is a folk tale for a long time in Qi County widely circulated, household, explain the function of the bullshit tablet. Legend, in ancient times have personal call mu meditate on the past, he was at the king’s do big officer, then made a capital crime, on its behalf by its servants to confess. Mu meditate on the escape from Beijing, south all the time, because of the Yellow River, can not he returned to the yunmeng mountain practice. He missed relatives, miss died for his servant. So he built a temple, also built a wangjing floor (i.e., octagon house). Whenever miss them, then climb building to the north and hope to see them. Time Ren ran and meditate on the damn time. He found a problem: thought, has been died for themselves, they can never die. Where can know the final or mortality. So he regrets ground say: want to know now, why at the beginning. Let people died for his own had to die, it’s bullshit. So he made for himself the bullshit. Mu’s founder was buried after the death of the temple courts, claims to tai xian weng, and make up the tombstone, this is what we see today bullshit.

this version of the folk story though is not the same, but the basic meaning is the same.

3, bullshit memorial site

bullshit memorial site in north circle he was outside the temple, the temple are not saved. In 1958, the editor of “alborada township, according to the investigation and the old memories, in & other; Octagon house with bullshit tablet & throughout; Section writes, octagon house in the northwest of outside the circle of the town north commissioner, is about more than 50 from door step. Legend has it for the Ming dynasty great minister MuYing asylum hermitage offspring. Because of crime by yan fled south, to learn in yunmeng mountain claims to tai xian weng. First take father outside a temple in the circle. Temple main hall on the west side, and build the static chamber, between three to daily raises a gender. Courtyard full of flowers and plants, including the yellow tea tree is the most precious. Build octagon house temple courtyard of the north, and a, for the cool sitting. (anyone remember, octagon house south stair-door, door head are & other; Will really building & throughout; Three Chinese characters. In the north have a window, window above banners & ndash; & ndash; The author note) in le shi yue & other; Abrupt sleep & throughout; . On the second floor of the building is divided into two layers, eight side window, of can be looked around the moon. Stair-door plant pine trees on each side one individual plant, with its four seasons evergreen, the age and depth of symbol aloof uprightness. Mu’s in this, his name, only cloud of yan.

mu’s death, and they buried him in the temple courts, and a bull. After he was the temple was failing to repair. With the passage of time, he was the temple room pour house collapsed. And over time, the temple area and turned into fertile fields. But the tomb and the tomb was not damaged. In 1954 I was in junior high school to go to the bullshit tablet, bullshit tablet is still standing in the field of safe and sound, it is a small north 靣 tomb.

we where the access to the north, 2009 old people for he was the site of the original temple, bullshit memorial site, still fresh. Asked pillars on the presence of couplets, they say, asked about the couplet content, they said to him, young at the time, only with words, I do not know the content. Asked about woodwork presence of couplets, they said can’t remember. He was the temple of the other content, they couldn’t provide it.