More sperm bank out an emergency appeal for donor male citizens official performance (hd)

human sperm bank of shaanxi province.

4 September, population and family planning commission director of guangdong province LuoWenZhi line at guangdong & other; Committee & throughout; . In when communicating with an audience which admits, with infertility population rise, guangdong sperm bank dries up all the year round. He called on both healthy male citizen donors, & other; Donors are healthy and does not hurt the body, not dead. Throughout the &;

in fact, in the near future, China’s sperm Banks publicly announced emergency is not just a sperm bank in guangdong.

at the end of August this year, jiangxi province, a sperm bank announced on twitter at risk: & other; In jiangxi province, the essence of human sperm bank source dries up, please the loving people to donate compassion, a sperm bank to volunteer for the highest award 5000 yuan & hellip; & hellip; Throughout the &;

human sperm bank in Shanghai to take the rooms. Human sperm bank of Shanghai is only more than 3000 sperm samples, and only a unit, yan chai hospital sperm sample demand is more than 3000 a year.