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a lot of people have seen spy TV series “lurk”, but more than a lot of people do not know “latent” leading role is a prototype is one of the staff, then Taiwan’s defense ministry undersecretary general Wu Shi. Recently, the chongqing evening news reporter celebrities during the Anti-Japanese War in beibei district archives collection in the library file was found in a signed & other; Wu Shi & throughout; Beside the poems, the poems and one picture, jinyun mountain scenery of the traditional Chinese painting, its signature is: & other; He Sui write YuXun throughout the poem &; . The open again, the article war s spy.

yu has become one of the prototype

person & other; Twelve people & throughout;

Wu Shi, word YuXun, was born in August 1895, minhou county, fujian province a reading people. Xinhai revolution broke out in 1911, Wu Shi resolutely be join, students participate in the northern expedition army, then walks to the baoding military academy, former national revolutionary army and the fourth division director, the northern expeditionary army general staff ZuoZhanKe section chief.

Wu Shi who study in university of Japan and the Japanese army artillery school, graduation ranked first, the two schools are called & other Twelve people & throughout; Can, that is, he, poem word, books can draw can English, Japanese, can ride to shoot, can drive can swim. Leave a day, after returning from the Wu Shi in army university for many years, is recognized as the military of Japan.

the current archives bureau chief speak at cnbloggercom introduction, after the outbreak of the war of resistance, Wu Shi first engaged in the intelligence work. At the end of 1940, the chief of the fourth theater Wu Shi transfer department chief of staff; 1944 was the fourth war zone, chief of staff, army deputy commander in chief, 16 personally deployed cinnamon twig in the great battle and the border defense. In April 1945, served as the director of the national government military counselor in chongqing.

with the kuomintang corruption

into the communist party of China (emissaries 1

as well as more than in “latent” is, see through the nature of the nationalist government Wu Shi affection for communist party gradually. According to Wu Shi son Wu Shaocheng memories: the end of the war of resistance, the father in the patriotic love of pure heart and a sense of anxiety, talking with friends at home, constantly annoys: & other; The kuomintang die is without them! Throughout the &; The Chiang regime has been thoroughly despairing. Since then, Wu Shi start for his hometown & ndash; & ndash; & ndash; Our party underground workers Wu Zhongxi collects the kuomintang intelligence support and help.

according to speak at cnbloggercom, between 1947 and 1948, Wu Shi because of dissatisfaction with Chiang dictatorship, began to tend to the revolution. In April 1947, classics He Sui (union members, the KMT elders, after the founding of the military and administrative committee director, the justice minister, etc.), Wu Shi meet with the secretary of the central committee of the communist party of China Shanghai branch liu xiao et al, and to determine the working relationship. Wu Shi though haven’t been to join the communist party, but with great courage and loyalty in our party underground intelligence work. In 1949, Wu Shi offered our defense national military deployment diagram, along the shanghai-nanjing military deployment diagram, Chiang kai-shek in Beijing and Shanghai and hangzhou after the liberation of the combat deployment, the national government military commission confidential intelligence establishment such as the core.

& other; In July 1949, Wu Shi transfer as long as the kuomintang defense staff, want to go to Taiwan. Throughout the &; Speak at cnbloggercom said that at this point, the Wu Shi could leave travel liberated areas, but he told Wu Zhongxi his capitulations was determined under the too late, do things too little for the people, willing to take personal risks to Taiwan, continue to provide the party and the people to collect the kuomintang top secret information. Wu Shi in front, the communist party of China to his underground code-named: emissaries. 1.

drizzle on the oblique wind jinyun

left poems Ming heart

speak at cnbloggercom introduction, according to a number of historical materials and Wu Shi son’s memoirs, in March 1945, Wu Shi relinquish the fourth war zone, in the next month to chongqing as a director of the office of the minister of war minister counselor. Absence due to illness, in January 1946, Wu Shi He Sui waiting in the rain with beibei jinyun mountain, leave a combination of poetry and sino-tibetan teachings in jinyun temple courtyard: & other; Old condition to adopt laugh often alone, let him spring already made three points; Bamboo shoots and ShiLiSong Yin road, drizzle on the oblique wind jinyun. Throughout the &;

& other; Will and the poem in order to view, between the lines reveals Wu Shi Edward Chen noble morality, and his risk of large, on inclined rain the wind strong determination to make contributions to the people. Throughout the &; Beibei district archives bureau deputy researcher, history scholars Meng Yanfeng said.

is a traitor betray killed

MAO zedong poetry praise Hamilton

between December 1949 and February 1950, Wu Shi and change of zhu (our party for a long time in Shanghai, Hong Kong female party members working in the field of underground intelligence, aka Zhu Feng) secret talks with six or seven times, successively as she provides some important military intelligence, southeast area including the kuomintang troops mash and staff estimates, as well as the number of aircraft, artillery, tanks, etc.

on March 1, because of a traitor sold, Wu Shi misfortune to & other; For the communist party of China (spying & throughout; Shocked by the Taiwan authorities arrested on charges of Chiang kai-shek and anger & ndash; & ndash; & ndash; By this time he had see Wu Shi as cronies, has repeatedly let Wu Shi participate in important military strategy. Under Chiang kai-shek personally directed and oversee all, June 10, 1950, Wu Shi, change of zhu, and people have been killed in Taiwan the racecourse at the execution ground.

& other; MAO zedong was in January 1950 rhyme: write a well-known rough island, blue waves reflected day dawn; Hid den Hamilton, dawn come early. Hamilton, the praise of the poem is the soul of the party’s hidden front outstanding hero, code-named emissaries Wu Shi and number one of the Chinese communist party underground party member zhu change. Throughout the &; Speak at cnbloggercom said.

in 1973, Wu Shi in recognition of the people’s liberation and reunification of motherland to make special contribution, in, under the support of the state council for forwarding Wu Shi as a revolutionary martyr.

the chongqing evening news reporter fionna beibei district archives for the figure