Movable on bestowed favor “risks” : secretary of shame left

movable is leader of the northern song dynasty empire, nearby the beauty like a cloud, but there is a beautiful woman can stand out in many beauty, espcially for many years, this person is the imperial concubine zhang. Movable bestowed on her, a few short years, brought her from her little talent promoted into second only to the queen’s imperial concubine, even had set aside the idea of cao queen to set pieces. Unfortunately, pieces of die early 30 s. Movable grief, regardless of the queen’s detachment and court all the ministers of cao, in the case of the queen is alive, just after sealing pieces for WenCheng queen, infatuation is too much.

however, movable neither cruel emperor of love jiangshan not only beautiful, it is not love jiangshan beauty more dissolute the emperor. Even if he to pieces and then how to dote on, but once involved in jiangshan event in the country, officials appointed, movable is measured.

pieces from poverty, hard to avoid being in the discrimination, then the total contemplating his family. Pieces of his father and brother are not enough, or premature death or incompetent, only uncle Zhang Yaozuo still calculate, though distant, but after all is family. Zhang Yaozuo local administrations for years, are you having a good reputation, has been successfully transferred to the central. But for what positions? Took a fancy to & other pieces; XuanHui throughout the &; The post. This is the supreme head of the imperial city’s government, is the emperor’s big head, power is great, oil and water, are generally by the deputy secretary of defense, a council (agreement) part-time.

however, pieces of pillow wind blew a lot of times, movable always delayed action. Pieces of crying every day, movable staggered, answer should try a try. Went to pieces on the movable shoulder, said: & other; Butler today don’t forget to mention XuanHui make the ah. Throughout the &; Movable repeatedly said: & other; Have got. Throughout the &; Very helpless. Movable in court after the announcement of the appointment, but bao opposition, passionate, even into the emperor’s face. The emperor is very helpless, have to give up.

this story generally shows the upright and outspoken bao dare to fight and the kindness of movable modesty, but there is a strange word: the original behind & other; WenCheng (pieces) sent yellow door and sizable bar, know so straight cut FanYan, thank humbly, to meet the emperor for sleeve dry noodles & hellip; & hellip; Throughout the &; According to the common sense, a person is people spit spray to the face after, will wipe away in the first time, but the movable. He didn’t at the king’s immediately wipe in the class, even after scattered toward didn’t wipe, but has been out of court, went to the temple, came before the pieces, only & other; For dry noodles & sleeve throughout; .

it is clear that he was cast & other; Risks & throughout; .

movable is to tell pieces, not I don’t see you on the heart, but the resistance is too large, look, I’ve been spit, absolutely not deceive people, have the saliva to prove it. He also exploit, said: & other; Cheng forward to talk and in salivary my face. You just want XuanHui make, XuanHui make, you don’t you know that bao is the suggestion and cheng? Throughout the &; The implication, and I was so humiliated, completely is for you!

and see for yourself movable have so big of injustice, he clearly did not do things for myself, but pieces not only didn’t blame him, instead of apologizing stepped forward actively. Rant face, a face of the movable angrily, pieces carefully, long time no longer mention an official to his family.

pieces as DaSong empire’s second wife, nature is little not to curry favor with. Movable rich, he bestowed favor nature also what all don’t lack. Secretary Wang Gongchen (li qingzhao had grandpa) because against qingli periods the New Deal, deliberately suppressed Su Shunqin fan zhongyan, and is movable fall to the place for the year. Want to back to his city, and one thousand ways to collect a I red porcelain to pieces. I porcelain this is in the song dynasty porcelain treasures, red porcelain is I porcelain rare variant, it is said that color is like cinnabar, glittering and translucent get rid of is appeared like jewels.

Fondle admiringly after

pieces to see, but know movable don’t like his wives and his ministers, intervention failure, just quietly enjoying. One day movable suddenly coming, pieces too late to hide I red porcelain, discovered by movable. Movable a look great anger, asked angrily, & other; Andrew it? Throughout the &; Pieces of see injong great anger, also can’t hide, for out of the Wang Gongchen. Movable more rage: told you not to accept the somebody else’s gift, why you just don’t listen to! He is not only lip service, but also raised the columns axe (song dynasty emperor often get in the hands of a kind of adornment, similar jade ruyi), suddenly smash a precious porcelain. Pieces of a face of shame, hurriedly knelt before confessing. Wang Gongchen nature has not been back.

but, even if the pieces of his never accept a gift, there are still many people want to broken head express myself in a variety of methods & other Mind & throughout; . A blue blood, powerful advocate Wen Yanbo also cannot avoid custom. Early acquaintance with Wen Yanbo father, the father of pieces, Wen Yanbo want to worship through the power of pieces, would have struggled to find a rare horse with gold thread woven shudu lantern brocade to pieces. Pieces of big, make it a gorgeous dress, and wear when has festival palace big meal, at that time the glamorous, even the movable frequently. But, when the movable heard the horse lantern brocade is Wen Yanbo offered, even if the party the broth, easy to others, movable or face fall, immediately to the pieces of a big embarrassment.

however, movable still very mind, to let his beloved woman cut off and all social, not reality, is also not necessary. Wang Gongchen offer I red porcelain, a movable axe falls off; Wen Yanbo offer lantern brocade, movable just offer some face. Is the key to Wang Gongchen because court against the new law, and malicious framed courtier and reviled, this person never forgive easily, so the movable tough; Wen Yanbo and pieces, after all, is a family friend, each other a little social, nor is it can’t. Just one is empresses, a court etiquette, and is high, the worship of the court, two people once collusion, is likely to manipulate and so movable must nip in the bud. Then, in accordance with normal procedures, movable still appointed Wen Yanbo as prime minister, but when put forward suggestion, prime minister wen had to pieces lantern brocade, movable opportunity, will Wen Yanbo phase, in order to alert their women. In order to appease the imperial concubine, the impeachment suggestion and then was, a balance.

of course, if the movable just tough, always use domestic violence, on foot, ShuaiLianZi, it is art. He in dealing with the relations between jiangshan and beauty, also pay attention to persuade, moving people by feeling.

DaSong court at that time, often is the birthplace of the national fashion, palace occurred not only in relation to the size of the affairs DaSong political, military, also related to the economy and life of DaSong. Like kumquat, this is a specialty of jiangxi, because producers too remote, KaiFengFu many people don’t know, but once the jiangxi officials offer kumquat, pieces of time, fell in love with the mouth to eat, so all the Beijing pop eat kumquat, kumquat prices skyrocketing dozens of times. Fortunately, kumquat no valuables, price is quite cheap, relatively small impact on people’s life, but the pearl is different. Song dynasty of the pearl, the price is more than ten times the gold. One year, guangzhou has a foreign businessman to illegally carry a batch of pearl into, confiscate the rulers captured. Pearl to the capital, movable with a harem concubines collective. Pieces of the sight of the big and flawless pearl, can’t go any farther. So like see the beloved woman, movable natural pearl reward generously to her. But other concubines quit. Emperor at ordinary times often reward some good things for her, and now her pearls, true too eccentric! Movable also afraid bother, they promised to let people go to the market to buy similar pearl, the city had pearl prices.

after the movable heard that is very worry, how hard country at that time, the northwest, and the elder to distant countries and xixia payment, currency, the Treasury is not abundant. Because if purchase pearl as a luxury, spend a lot of money, don’t bargain. But, also cannot ignore other concubines, temple, the court also difficult to Ann. What can we do & ndash; SIRS concubines to pearl, but it is not for the sake of the pearl itself, is just aren’t only pieces to get the pearl. If the pieces can take the initiative to give up, others will not naturally entanglement?

a few days later, the emperor summoned the concubines ornamental peony, queens and concubines were present, but pieces to finally, wearing full two days before the movable separate reward the precious pearl. SIRS concubines at the appearance of the pieces of the swaggering, are all very envy, cao more face such as the ice queen. This time, the movable didn’t meet up as usual, but stand still, and other pieces of his coming. Not only that, he covers his face with his sleeves, said: & other; With white, is not taboo? Throughout the &; A head of white pearl, as if dead people mourning, how embarrassing! Hear the movable so to speak, all the concubines laughed. Pieces of shame, quickly go back in the unusual dress up. Movable looked very happy, personally Dan pieces to head a gorgeous peony flower. So, all the concubines don’t wear pearl headdress, changed into peony. Nature, the capital of the pearl was back to normal price.

with movable a peony value of the city of pearl, more calm the SIRS concubines. So deal with the relationship between family and career, love and work, jiangshan beauty and balance, is good!

in this paper, from the lecture room 16, 2012, the author: Wu Xianhua, originally titled “movable: red blood balance”