“MoYanZui” liquor trademark rose to 6 million To sell to shandong (FIG.)

after received the Nobel Prize for literature writer, mo yan, little-known liquor & other; MoYanZui & throughout; Brand value, soared overnight fame soared.

yesterday afternoon, west China metropolis daily reporter attachment interview Hou Xing engineer, he said excitedly, there are several boss, are scrambling to find him, and come up with a heavily bought his & other; MoYanZui & throughout; Trademark, has soared to 6 million.

fog made mo yan of money?

yesterday afternoon, shandong weifang famous writer Hu Mengxiang fact & ndash; & ndash; A like drinking Hou Xing Sir, a few years ago a party with some friends, to drink to the happy, inadvertently out of the two words of doggerel: & other; Even thousand cups little, meet friends MoYanZui. Throughout the &; And random took a liquor & other; MoYanZui & throughout; The name. Friends said excitedly, this is a good wine prizes! Go to register a trademark. Throughout the &; Hou Xing engineers with the feelings of give it a try, spent one thousand yuan to the state administration for industry and commerce trademark office registered & other; MoYanZui & throughout; The trademark, and passed the examination.

unexpected is, six years later, a heaven sent fortune. Mo yan after award, the national a number of wine boss find Mr. Hou, want to use the large bought & other; MoYanZui & throughout; Trademark, hou still refused to hand. He said, mo yan is the first won the Nobel literature prize of Chinese writers, & other; MoYanZui & throughout; With literary value. Throughout the &;

crazy is no true wine

last night, when the west China metropolis daily reporter attachment interview to Hou Xing engineer. Mr. Hou excitedly told west China metropolis daily reporter, he and MoYanTong is shandong people, is an engineer, conduct research in Beijing now, usually like to drink, to talk about the poem says, chat about literature, especially like to drink wine produced in sichuan.

Mr. Hou said: & other; To tell the truth, a few years ago when registering, simply never thought toward the writer, mo yan, by coincidence. Throughout the &;

, there are a few friends and he cooperation, in the process of production & other; MoYanZui & throughout; White wine. & other; We try to produce & lsquo; MoYanZui & rsquo; The taste of wine. But then, capital chain broke suddenly, production run aground. Throughout the &;

in the future is going to want to cooperate with sichuan winery

Mr. Hou said, these days, there are a number of production liquor boss find him, want to buy out its trademark. & other; Is not the problem of low high money, I’m from shandong, I’d like to change & lsquo; MoYanZui & rsquo; Stay in shandong. But if the world wine out of sichuan, shandong nobody buy, then with the name of sichuan wineries cooperation. Because mo yan like sichuan wine. Throughout the &;

reporter Du Enhu