Murals in one thousand in gansu province by the journalists inscription lawyer says the highest can be sentenced to ten years


Hong Kong reporters Song Yin in east thousand-buddha signature inscription, 13 years later, in recently by netizens exposure, drew a condemnation.

as a historical sites of ancient civilizations, treat the cultural heritage is every citizen’s responsibility, but carving in the relics of the behavior of the graffiti or frequently occur. The expert thinks, for those who & other; The circle & throughout; A whore & other; But throughout the smelly &; , not only to be condemned, more want to use the law shall be investigated for responsibility.

inscription event witnesses: unacceptable happened suddenly

& other; One can’t take photos, two not groped graffiti, into the caves before he said clearly, have never thought when I told others murals, he secretly did such a thing. Throughout the &; 13 years, chun-yuan li a lift this reporter in east thousand-buddha inscription, will feel sad and angry.

chun-yuan li melon counties in gansu province is well-known expert curators, know the local historical sites in mind, many important guests visit the melon counties, county will please his & other; The shape & throughout; To talk about.

in the summer of 2000, Song Yin line 6 people to interview melon state county, enjoy this one & other; Welcome & throughout; . By county departments, chun-yuan li against the heat, with them in person to the county more than 80 kilometers east thousand-buddha visit.

& other; Wat is the most precious of east thousand-buddha grottoes, 2 painted murals is xixia period, the experiences of xuan zang figure above than wu chengen to write the story of journey to the west 400 years earlier. Throughout the &; Chun-yuan li said, as a literature worker, as he spoke the exquisite frescoes, cannot bear most things should happen behind.

& other; I look back, found that he had been in caves tunnel fall off frescoes on the base, with a pen writes down & lsquo; Of summer 000, the Hong Kong newspaper wen wei Po, a senior reporter Song Yin to this visit & rsquo; Inscription, didn’t even have time to stop. Throughout the &; Chun-yuan li said.

by eastern thousand-buddha grottoes is located in the remote, and do not have open condition, for a long time, in addition to a small amount of researchers and part of the VIP, few people visit the east thousand-buddha grottoes, this & other; Sad & throughout; Things would be forgotten in the chun-yuan li heart.

let he did not think of, Song Yin signature inscription, the past 13 years or & other; Throughout the &; . Recently some netizens exposes Song Yin in east thousand-buddha & other; Words & throughout; Photos, at that time become a topic of hot debate online.