“Naked woman” sumo fan pour movable sima guang advice “denounced”

movable jiayou seven years on the 18th, the emperor to xuan DE door, watch the artists around the show, which shows a woman naked sumo.

chancellor sima guang immediately for this thing to write a book, request the emperor later don’t be to watch a naked woman sumo this indecent programs, and the relevant departments to track down the reasons of indecent programs appear, puts forward the future of these bad phenomenon must be strictly prohibited.

jintong door is the door of the palace in the northern song dynasty city of one place, is the place where the government proclaimed a code that represents the country’s image and dignity. Sima guang considered that in the description the serious place appeared naked woman sumo those indecent performances, there are national image. How much more open in which the emperor also watch, its influence is very bad.

sima guang and so request emperor don’t make this mistake again in the future, and ask the relevant departments to track down the cause of the accident, and make measures to strictly prevent undesirable phenomenon. It is worth noting that sima guang mentioned & other; The woman shall not be in the streets to group to play & throughout; . This shows that when the northern song dynasty on the street of Beijing, this kind of cheap pornography has a certain degree of fashion.

the southern song dynasty person wu from animal husbandry in the “dream liang record has a relevant description, is in the southern song dynasty all things in the city, are worth reference: & other; In sumo wrestling, & hellip; & hellip; Start with female Zhan kumite condom, a view 覩, then as brawn for delivery. Throughout the &;

visible play more of the song dynasty when the sumo in & other; Watts throughout the city &; Held in, often let a few of women playing with some distractions or magic trick, in order to attract the audience, wait until all the more together, didn’t officially start a sumo performances.

“dream liang record” also mentioned at that time, there are a lot of famous sumo performers, including named guan suo, of three niang, four elder sister, they are all woman. But no mention of naked women wrestlers.

according to the above two materials, we can know, is saying something to the emperor sima guang don’t watching naked women wrestlers, and ask the government to stop the indecent act, should be have a certain effect. So, the streets of the capital, though still later appeared has the scene of women wrestlers, however, the phenomenon of naked sumo was gone.