Napoleon will clap a 480000 dollars Content exposure to buried along the Seine river

French emperor napoleon & middot; Bonaparte 1821 assistant wrote a will make $480000 in Paris, France.

bidders, according to the will of napoleon’s assistant montolivo long count on April 16, 1821 handwritten.

writes the wills & other; I hope I can rest on the Seine river, my bones buried beside love my French. Throughout the &;

a will by auction, montolivo lung earl descendant of a French traders buy names are not public.

after the restoration of the 1815, napoleon defeat in the battle of Waterloo, was exiled to the island of st Helena go. On May 5, 1821, napoleon died in st Helena.

napoleon in another document lists his property in st Helena, including furniture, jewelry, silver, porcelain, and books, and distributed to aides and hope that after the death of his mother.

napoleon personally wrote the last will, the will is hidden in the national archives. As the original with the British side damage will, however, how will he assistant wrote.