Netizens bask in “national socks” 40 years ago nylon socks without the hole (figure)

(reporter shiuh-nan hwang) since the reminders of collective sweet & other; National sheets & throughout; After an Internet hit, many people begin to pay close attention to all around of durable old daily necessities. Cao, the provincial capital, tidy home old when they find a lot of & other; Throughout years &; Old socks, carrying many of their past memories.

& other; This is the first pair of, is I wear when I was at school. Throughout the &; Cao said, pointing to a faded pair of socks to reporters. Cao 58, a pair of nylon socks fade when his late teens, now has 40 years of history. According to cao recalled, the sixties and seventies of the last century, there has been a nylon socks on, but also belong to a few people can buy a rarity. Most people still wear cotton socks, cotton socks very easily torn, at that time, in the mind of the cao himself as a teenager to help mother bear a lot of housework, which is an important content of endless mend the socks for the whole family. Compared with elasticity bad, easy to rub off the cotton socks, nylon stockings, colorful and strong became people pursuit of fashion. This pair of blue nylon socks after wearing and washing over and over again for many years, although the faded, but not a hole.

again & other; Young & throughout; Some is a pair of nylon socks, respectively, of a few kinds of color of the same design, with a pair of sapphire is brand new, it also seam & other Malan & throughout; Brand trademark, manufacturers of & other; Xingtai hosiery factory & throughout; . Cao said, “this is their married buy a few pairs of socks, nylon socks was already holds an absolute advantage in the market, but the disadvantage of nylon socks also soon emerge, the mainest is not absorb sweat. & other; If sweaty feet wear a pair of nylon socks, wu again on a pair of sneakers, to remove your shoes at night, it can smell of a fall! Throughout the &;

another pair of transparent nylon socks also let reporters saw feel kind, in the 1980 s, in the summer, almost everyone is dressed in such a transparent nylon socks. Cao said that this kind of socks just appeared, ladies are proud of to wear such a pair of socks, oneself put on for the first time also feel flattered. Until then, the emergence of nude no with filar socks, let this not only elastic transparent nylon socks withdrew from the historical stage.

& other; Types and styles of socks now is too much, everyone has a lot of, the design is becoming more and more intimate, need what what will appear, change is too big! Throughout the &; Cao regrets ground say.