Netizens to reviving a spoof boom xin qiji “V” works, ride a motorcycle (FIG.)

Internet users according to the popular culture or spoof fun & other; Creative & throughout; Du fu illustrations

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du fu, born in 712, died in 770, the word beauty, no ShaoLing YeLao, tang dynasty big poet. This year, to coincide with & other; Great poet-saint & throughout; Du fu’s 1300th birthday, he is a little busy recently, in the network has a new job: busy to everyone as illustrations of the model. So, du fu suddenly burst network, about his graffiti pictures circulated on weibo, peremptory & other; Through & throughout; Became microblogging sensation. In these the Chinese textbook pictures & other; Creative & throughout; , du fu and sometimes hand carry guns, sometimes flick knife melons, sometimes riding a white horse, and pedal motorcycle & hellip; & hellip; Be good netizen nicknamed & other; Du fu is very busy & throughout; . It is said that for high schools are “Chinese” textbooks (compulsory 3) so is out of stock.

still presumably life & other; Great poet-saint & throughout; Never thought that his dead after one thousand can lead an Internet binge. Adopting du fu two verse to summarized the great achievements he made as a model: & other; Figure not astonishing die endlessly, all Internet users throughout all joys yan &; .

as a model of du fu, taught us? This is a shooting Angle. Du fu is a universal model, excluding fame and popularity contingency, the root cause lies in his point of view is too classic: profile, look up to, 45 degrees. Online information, half side like this & other; It than positive portrait appears more lively, natural, full of change. Throughout the &; Du fu perfect interpretation of it.

netizen according to pop culture or a parody of gout set various scenarios for du fu. Illustrations strange flower, is mostly against the other way, there are fashionable, naive,. But god, why do you bring li bai du fu said to together? & other; Let me see the holiday throughout li bai &; , & other Li bai took me home & throughout; , & other Li bai, we go fly a kite & throughout; & hellip; & hellip; But recall that today’s han han and guo jingming, youku and tudou, also be like knows like.

li bai is a romantic, du fu is a real one. But du fu off can yet be regarded as a wild imagination and fine artists. And he claims & other; For nature lovers, a flasher, a language not astonishing die endlessly & throughout; , if see students these figure, his old man’s house which is more happy than angry.

du fu in addition to illustrations of doing online advertising and as a pop star, advertisements, songs, illustration, all-terrain all-around how not favour? @ sina hubei: I’m not a tang’s monk, also not chongyang, I am not a monk, also is not long, I love to drink, more love to write poems, micro’s type, I am good at, I am du fu, said master poet, I on, maybe you say I’m very busy & hellip; & hellip;

drawing is not enough, the children’s shoes also adapted popular songs. @ not ended song virtual years: “the most Du Fufeng dazzle” you are the most beautiful around me li bai, son of heaven calls nor aboard. Independently singing, the most flattering Du Fufeng, let tang poem records the rise and fall. I is the most beautiful boy in your book, kaleidoscope is I let you guess, independently singing the most flattering Du Fufeng, is the most beautiful gesture in Chinese textbook. There is another version. @ rain circuit people: “the most Du Fufeng dazzle” kaiyuan prosperity is my love, faint peng door now open for you. What kind of wine more ah, what kind of house is the most resistant to wind down. Rustling fall from heaven, jin guan city outstanding displays a night into the sea. Irritable is our expectation, if happy if all the way crazy wife what is the worry, we will sorrow worries will be more leisurely.

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xin qiji & other; Than V”

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attention to du fu is a good thing,

but also should respect the traditional culture

Cheng Taoguang said, vice President of du fu research association of henan province, in fact, in the history of the spirit of du fu is a playful, fun, but for du fu cannot too & other; A spoof & throughout; .

low poetry association in henan province Ma Xinchao thought, spirit of du fu is a light to the nation, never allow the image of du fu insulted, & other; A spoof du fu not without culture throughout the bottom line &; .

also netizens to support children’s graffiti, will the teacher am: imagination is valuable, now China’s most need is this, don’t go to suppress the child’s mind.

low foreign language school of zhengzhou Yuan Yanlei said: & other; The incident and & lsquo; Jia junpeng, your mother calls you go home for dinner & rsquo; Events such as the same, just & lsquo; Fast-food culture & rsquo; , not & lsquo; Mainstream culture & rsquo; . Throughout the &;

famous poet zhao lihong think, middle school students graffiti & other; There are not many malicious, should not to insult du fu, don’t need to overreact. Throughout the &; But objectively, have certain negative influence to the image of du fu, & other; Let it go so far & throughout; .

textbook by netizens & other; Play & throughout; Du fu is not all, xin qiji, works, and some foreign celebrities portraits were students used to besmear daub. So & other; Du fu is very busy & throughout; Later, another netizen posted & other; Xin qiji defy spirit throughout the &; Series & hellip; & hellip; Fantastical ideas, fell in the middle school Chinese textbook of the portrait, knock the comedy in a flash.

du fu thatched cottage publicist said, this phenomenon caused attention to du fu is a good thing, but also want to consider the status of du fu when netizens creation, respect the traditional culture, & other; Some creation throughout the indecent &; .

a netizens think, take the ancients & other; Poke fun at & throughout; , seemingly innocuous, but the hype and the public, it reflects the current social the lost of the humanistic spirit and & other; Confusion & throughout; .

works & other; Riding a motorcycle & throughout;