Network is now drawing version 21 kinds of classic POSE clap a charming woman flavour (map)

now the mainstream of portrait photography as are female models, whether taken commercial products, fashion magazines, or simply want to make a beautiful photo, model is also a learning how to put the posture. Under 21 basic common posture, even if you are not a model, just go to the park with his girlfriend photos when dating, perhaps will be very useful. I think the most interesting, however, is the 21 pictures were drawn.

1. Looking back, just different perspective, portrait will become very different.


2. To hand fondle face: general portrait photography, not deliberately shooting hand, but you can ask a model to hand fondle face touching someone, become interesting. Note don’t smooth hand, should show both hands on the side.

3. Diagonal: don’t be afraid to tilt, let you draw the diagonal model in the photo.