New China the first policewomen JinHeZai old police flowers recall past robbery

63 years ago the police spend photos (from left to right) : Bai Xisheng, shu-ling chang, Ding Chong, Hu Jifang, Zhou Guangxiu

in the CPPCC has just started soon CCTV special program, “team leader in JingYing” opening, often will flash across an old photo & ndash; & ndash; Beautiful girl is the five waist uniform, they admire the Chinese people’s liberation army (PLA) XiongHui, but with the public security armbands, oblique side, a pistol.

this photo before earlier had with & other; New China the first officer & throughout; Mark appeared on the Internet, quickly trigger a strong reaction. Through this files, the reporter walks into its location will be xuzhou, explore and reveal a dusty past 63.

& other; The police spend, today in? Throughout the &; In the network with the real world after many days after transmission, reprinted & other; Five flower throughout China heat &; Photos of all the amazing and exclamation, and finally into the inquiry.

unfortunately, powerful, such as the power of the web, just win a & other; Citations may be xuzhou & throughout; The fuzzy answer; Even when many media, including CCTV and yangzi evening news, join to find, is still difficult to trace.

until this year on January 9, the picture appear in the archives of the xuzhou city public security bureau in FuMing desk & hellip; & hellip; Within two days, the secretary of the party committee, director of Sun Jianyou and deputy director in charge of XingYuQuan respectively comment: five doyen still alive? To stand at the height of responsibility for history, for the older generation of inheritance of xuzhou public security policemen to admire the heart and the pressing, the information verification work earnestly.

it is hard to imagine, in a long time through more than half a century old photos, can let the xuzhou city public security bureau and disturb Ruth & ndash; & ndash; Is, therefore, that the answer was finally no longer are difficult and remote.

read online, search for files, organizations have confirmed, visits to verify & hellip; & hellip; In an interview, said he is & other; Policewomen policewoman, special feelings throughout the &; V says she and other At first glance to see the photos on the policewoman costume seen in the old file, determine should be shortly after the founding of the time. Throughout the &; Time is too long, however, these efforts ultimately nothing.

we almost to despair, just after the Spring Festival to master and records service, a 80 – year – old retired old section chief huang method to identify the policewoman in the picture. Doing the lifetime of the archives work of public security huang Lao home, FuMing finally know & other; Five flower throughout China heat &; Name & ndash; & ndash; Bai Xisheng, shu-ling chang, Ding Chong, Hu Jifang and Zhou Guangxiu.

the name let all become simple. A few days later, the current situation of the five people have been aware of: white, zhang, zhou is still alive, and hu parents have passed away.

once the police spend today?

85 – year – old Bai Xisheng

enjoys a happy four generations

although some humpback pink-cheeked gas dye-in-the-wood, the 85 – year – old Bai Xisheng is & other; Five flower throughout China heat &; Today in the most active one. When the reporter walks into the old man is located in xuzhou city home, she is holding the just 3 months old son enjoys a happy family.

& other; This photo I have. Throughout the &; Seems haven’t recall himself as a young, white old watching old photos for a long time, and then put his hand to give directions on the girl standing on the far left, & other; This is my & hellip; & hellip; Throughout the &; She spoke the name of each person according to the order don’t forget to add the call for each other & other; Comrade & throughout; .

the old man remember this photo was taken in 1950, & other; I had just from abundant storage station transferred to the political department. Throughout the &; In with a photo album, the reporter saw is also abundant storage station in 1950, the photo of all personnel white old wearing white uniform standing in the last row & ndash; & ndash; At that time she was 25 years old, served as a director.

women will save member, director, government affairs department clerk & hellip; & hellip; White old himself on the left of the resume, records that she was not an ordinary youth. And from the revolutionary to the new China the first officer, is her life one memorable turn.

the is an important task of the white old that year, in addition to this, of course, also want to patrol. & other; Remember once we patrol to the north, just met a rickshaw, a child’s neck, also, a knife to stab, we go up on the ground. Throughout the &; After interrogation, rickshaw puller to see kids brought a parcel, do thuggery, & other; The bag is actually put some pancakes. Throughout the &;

but now, not that one for a couple of pancakes s kills will emerge, & other; Compared to those who sacrifice in the work of revolution and gay, I’m so happy. Throughout the &; White old told reporters.

84 – year – old shu-ling chang and his wife now live in hospital recuperate

shu-ling chang, an interview with her, and caring and 60 years of his wife Wang Liqing dwell in xuzhou recuperate in a ward of the hospital. Coincidentally, Wang Liqing old man in those days is the police, was taken in old & other; Five flower throughout China heat &; Photos of the same year, embrace get beauty return.

than the lovely women in the picture, a 84 – year – old zhang old was thin. She can also report the names of the sisters, and remember taking pictures of that day, & other; Ding Chong is political department section chief, is our leader. And she take part in the revolution earlier, age is a few bigger, we all listen to her. So she called photo of us, and we all went to the. Throughout the &;

let the pictures of the old is the most unforgettable Ding Chong called zhang reason & ndash; & ndash; That one day, a new female uniforms just dispensed, & other; Learning styles of the Soviet union, very beautiful. Throughout the &; Old zhang said, that is their life for the first time wearing stockings, & other; Don’t see in the picture, but in fact is the orange socks, each of us is to groom. Throughout the &;

and about the content of the sisters chat, zhang old answer obviously than white to be more open. & other; Sometimes talking about objects. Throughout the &; That said, she took a glance at bed next to his wife, & other; We a few private chat, will say to someone who has a client to ask, but we are go & lsquo; Youth route & rsquo; , I don’t like older. Throughout the &; Later, zhang old a fellow soldier and recommends & other villagers husband to her Qualified & throughout; Wang, thus contributing to a much-told story.

90 – year – old Ding Chong died in 90, after the death of donated body

after interview white old mouth & other; Comrade & throughout; And zhang old eyes & other Big sister & throughout; , is also called a group photo, religious chung, due to illness, died in 2011 at the age of 90 & ndash; & ndash;

when he was on May 25, the old man was the living area in the doorway was a sign: mother Ding Chong died, according to the bucket before his death, the body donation, don’t hold any ceremony, we inform you, thank you all for friends and family care.

& other; Mother until retire always work in the police, in the most like to wear is a set of uniforms. Throughout the &; Interview, the second son of Ding Chong zhang crossing to journalists showed a mother’s will, that is on July 1, 2006, the party’s 85th birthday butyl old hands set: on reflection, can’t live up to what our party nearly 70 years of training to me, therefore I decided last last pay 10000 yuan to party dues’, at the same time the body to the country.

& other; Five years ago, I will sign with brother, sister and brother letter agreed, then go through the formalities of the mother donated bodies. Throughout the &; Zhang said to cross the river, the mother’s body after her death in the afternoon to xuzhou medical college, 10000 yuan debacle of retired veteran cadres in the municipal public security bureau also.

83 – year – old Zhou Guangxiu bed see officer, said shaking hands & other; The family came & throughout;

the interview with the Zhou Guangxiu old man, in fact, more like a visitation. Because years ago heart surgery, her body, a 83 – year – old was too weak to couldn’t get out of bed.

although just stop for more than 10 minutes in the ward, a reporter in my mind is made the trip to xuzhou two periods of picture and most memorable words:

and fellow journalists, xuzhou city public security bureau in archives of two police officers. When the old man opened his eyes, feebly saw in front of the person wearing a police uniform, the moment the reporter could feel her efforts to straight up but failed, then with the iv a trembling hand out from under the quilt, and police officers helped in the edge of the hand to hold. & other; The family came. Throughout the &; This sentence, the reporter heard clearly.

the family come & ndash; & ndash; Want to know, the old man is in the police jobs in just five years, half shake is done many work, but in a hospital bed to the strangers in police uniform blurt out this sentence. Why not touching?

in order not to disturb the old man to have a rest, the reporter a line soon retire. Police officers in happens to have a file where young policewoman Chen Zhenya, old man hold her hand to say goodbye, for a long time did not loosen: & other; Lesbian girl do well, will do us proud. Throughout the &;

in addition & other; Inheritance & throughout; , the reporter can not think of a more appropriate word as footnotes for sight scene.

on the way back from Zhou Lao ward, a reporter from the officers had heard that some information & ndash; & ndash;

& other; Five flower throughout China heat &; Of xuzhou city public security bureau, after this they had fought, and sprang up several hundreds in thousands, the police spend across generations. Among them, have a current deputy commissioner Liu Litao such contributions is famous for its numerous awards in the national excellent police; Xuzhou city people’s congress, venture county bureau of archivists yan-yan zhang and & other Peng Cheng good cop & throughout; The policemen, yellow floor Wu Xinmei roots such as grass-roots public security people young & hellip; & hellip;

the police spend, today in? Until now, the reporter found the true answer.

note: pictures of another old man Hu Jifang has died ten years ago, because of her home after the migration, reached the elderly relatives.

& have spent

shu-ling chang old man