New “journey to the west” “the wu is empty” book: an actor private diary

data figure: Wu Yue version & other; Monkey King & throughout; Modelling.

a new version of “journey to the west” the Monkey King star Wu Yue, recently launched the new book “I, the wu is empty”. 25 in the book of the conference, the famous director zhang jizhong mentioned Wu Yue play sun wukong’s experience, said he was also in imitating zhang jinlai, then implementation & other; Comfortable & throughout; , completed the creation of artistic image.

“I, the wu is empty, a new star press. 25, the entire media launch was held in Beijing normal university. According to the publisher, the book in the form of a diary, records the Wu Yue experience during the process of filming the new “journey to the west” dribs and drabs. Interspersed with a lot of the cast when shooting trivia and fact, readable and interesting.

the day of the conference, “journey to the west” cast and producer zhang jizhong, cosplayers jinsheng zang pig eight quit, sand monk actor elvis tsui, the king of the girl country play happy, and little dragons, YingZhuang star presence, etc.

Wu Yue humbly said, no matter from the qualifications and experience, are not enough to book yourself. But the book record their journey, the reader can see & other; An actor private diaries & throughout; .

site host to ask, why can in the competition, was chosen as the Monkey King? Wu Yue said previously participated in a show about journey to the west, zhang jizhong may find their lively one side. In addition, there are a lot of play play, also accord with its own characteristics.

zhang jizhong: Wu Yue was imitating zhang jinlai later & other; Comfortable & throughout;

busy attend Beijing international film festival, zhang jizhong, late in the day. He sat down to apologize to the audience, said he made a lot of TV drama, but making a movie or recruits, just in and made producer for the king’s speech communication study.

he regrets journey to the west that a great Chinese classic, overseas should also don’t know. This work is very complicated, do the script of the subject has got five years, only see a little light, very difficult.

when it comes to Wu Yue’s performance in the new TV play “journey to the west”, zhang jizhong said this a few actors sticky stuff on the face, a sticky day, stick nearly nine months in a row, quite difficult. Especially Wu Yue show up again, this kind of bitter for him is a life experience, is a good thing for young people.

the host mentioned earlier in the process of filming crew has wanted to replace Wu Yue experience, zhang jizhong said, because Wu Yue was a fit naturally imitate zhang jinlai, according to his way. Wu Yue this way, everyone was not satisfied. But himself and there is no way, throw a tantrum and, on the set of specially picked on, director so upset.

Wu Yue was called zhang jizhong, wanted to explore TanFeng. Zhang jizhong said to him, to & other; Comfortable and down & throughout; , you really put down? You go to learn zhang jinlai, you can learn like him? How can you, you are involved in the martial arts. How can you want to think about it, & other Comfortable & throughout; . Uncomfortable, how forever carrying zhang jinlai can play well.

the day after that, the director said call themselves, improved Wu Yue after getting better and better. Zhang jizhong said, Wu Yue has experienced the process, learned to creation, is the biggest harvest for actors.

this event also launched a children’s education in poor areas of public welfare activities. Read by a physical activity and nova publishing house published jointly, designed to help children in poverty-stricken areas together.

it is understood that the digital version of 25 Yu Tianyi started reading online, readers can login web site or download client read by mobile phones.