Newspaper: down with the Spring Festival To shout “kung hei fat choi” is “reactionaries”

Spring Festival in 1929, down in the first sent a sheet of the special issue.

in February 1929, the irony of changsha changsha newspaper surface some one hundred years old vacation 15 days during Spring Festival, the Lantern Festival is reopened.

the Spring Festival is the grandest traditional festival in China, but in between 1929 to 1933, once with the lunar Spring Festival & other; Down & throughout; . At that time, public opinion is aggressive, want from mutual strangulation of the political and economic, China’s traditional festivals, want to dwarf in culture and smear the Spring Festival. But the Chinese New Year, until today are still there.

on February 2nd, changsha famous literature lovers big fierce in changsha city library, lectures “newspaper in changsha in hunan taste of the republic of China, through the stacks of heavy name, bring us together to taste the unique & other; Throughout the festival atmosphere & changsha; .


Spring Festival in 1912, changsha radical youth to the owner of the lunar New Year to stick paper article

in January 1912, the inauguration of the provisional President of the republic of China, sun yat-sen announced, gaiyuan the first year of the republic of China, adopted the Gregorian calendar.

101 years ago in changsha, communication is less developed, hunan people get the information late, too late to celebrate. But most of hunan people to overthrow the qing dynasty, the establishment of the republic of China, as a & other; More positive new moon & throughout; , agree. So RenZi year lunar New Year at the beginning of 1912, changsha city military academic liberals, are not mutually ChenHe in Cambodia. Businessman common people, but also to respect the calendar, the lunar New Year, is not a vacation. Such as the commercial press, zhonghua, house of main street lung cheung delicacies from south China pavilion, asked the bao-zhen peng street optician, tang politics and watch shop, opened in the lunar New Year that year was more than dozens of the appearance of the. But south main street, the red floor, was fixed in changsha (this article a few old street, today are incorporated into the Huang Xingna road) some prosperous street shops, such as double closed door, still more put up Spring Festival couplets.

at this point, some radical with Spring Festival couplets changsha young man gave the closed doors of the old year inclined article stick a blank sheet of paper, such as and homeless. Then, when a old man made a group called Li An RenZi changsha new zhuzhi poems as basic data, including the sentence said: & other; Where sudden narrow? Steal will put the white paper. Throughout the &;

but later years, yuan shikai advocated through the Yin and Yang, and develop Chinese New Year New Year’s day (that is, today, the term “homonym) for the Spring Festival, dragon boat for the summer festival, Mid-Autumn festival for the autumn festival, winter solstice for the holiday, and decree, in spring, summer, autumn and winter four sections, each holiday. So before 1927, cities, including changsha, Chinese New Year the Spring Festival, had & other; Vigorous & throughout; . Especially, during the years of social unrest, warlords in changsha city, during the Chinese New Year, the capital of the national police agency of gambling, and gambling stand in changsha most was fixed on a busy street, red floor, and set the xiang wang temple (that is, the county’s main street good county chenghuang temple), fire palace (such as slope a street) before ping, gambling, superstition, fisherman play clams and other variety of changsha city Spring Festival malodorous.


at the beginning of 1929’s Spring Festival, become waste through the New Year: shout & other; Kung hei fat choi & throughout; Will be seen as the reactionaries

as the abolition of the Spring Festival, police commissioner sent bayonets driving on stand

northeast authorities on December 30, 1928, China has realized the nominal grand unification. Social vigorous upward at that time, the national government decided to only have the Gregorian calendar year since 1929, resolutely abolished the lunar New Year, the abolition of the Spring Festival. They think is superstitious JiangGang lunar New Year, is the Gregorian calendar and the world, is the strongest in the world.

on February 10, 1929, to pass through the New Year’s day, also is the government vigorous implementation of the first year of the Gregorian calendar. On February 11, although on the national journal of hunan social news described in the first month of the year the first changsha street & other; Old habits abolish most & throughout; . Especially in the lunar New Year’s day in the past, & other; In the fifth day of less than five days, gambling, along the street, like brand treasure dice booth, everywhere all have, including fraud coaxing, see layer, the guanting never ban & throughout; . But in 1929, & other; For the calendar (the Gregorian calendar), is appropriate to abolish the old style, habits, YouYi eradicated, police attention, and this, therefore, the p for gambling along the street, all trying to disperse, with reason (homonym) gambling market yesterday, had to clean up, this is the first day of hundreds of years for the first & throughout; . Newspaper’s upload some changsha zhuzhi poems as basic data in the new xi of the matter: & other; Buy a pair of pai gow catch sheep, to the old street to field. Today is off track, long hard nuts is stronger. Throughout the &; Long, refers to the hunan province will shao-hua Chen, director of the police with a bayonet sent police beating on stand.

however, the other is not optimistic, such as government regulation, changsha high street should be open, but the real Zhang Zhe is thin, the red floor, was fixed, nanyang street, main street once bustling streets, such as cold, only the commercial press books business as usual, the people, by the government main street bookstore, in a big book store on & other; According to the abolition of the old style, declined the guests throughout New Year &; , but the bookstore is upper behind closed doors.

changsha radicals screamed, & other; As in addition to the opium poison, since can destroy lunar waste & throughout;

and the streets don’t open the door of the silent, in contrast, the 1929 Spring Festival, in the New Year’s eve, changsha firecrackers ring. The first day early in the morning, the first lunar month changsha remains & other; Trance party & throughout; Custom, that is, wake up, and went to the temple to pay New Year call, as your xiang wang temple, ChuXiang day operator temple street, north street clamp is dragon palace, half xiang empress temple street, especially near the yuquan yellow mud street yuquan hill guanyin hall, a sea of people, even more busy than normal, let those who try to push countries calendar (the Gregorian calendar) of people very angry.

It has been signed

after the polyester polyester, wrote to the newspaper, in changsha said: & other; If you want to save & lsquo; Hunan people’s most revolutionary & rsquo; Signs for this and pass through the first month, to much attention. In the aspect of the government, that is, rely on the public security authorities work industriously, such as found that sell goalkeeper paper flowers, he will reward him with a tear; If there is a lion playing dragon lantern, so please him taste flavor in prison, as to shout happy New Year, called kung hei fat choi, we namely eyes him as reactionary slogans, stiff refers to him as the reactionaries in the name of the republic of China is new. Throughout the &;

in 1929, in addition to want to abolish the ancient customs in politics, some radical and wanted to use economic means, and destroyed the ancient customs of the Spring Festival. For changsha, pass through the New Year in the first and third flocked to temple incense, someone is in the republic of China, changsha, the paper proposed: & other; In my opinion, if a pair of candles was worth only two hundred money, only smoke he 2 DiaoQian donate, so, there should be 2200 to buy a pair of candles; A head to kowtow, yuquan hill, the city god temple donate 800, three head are two series of four. Chinese psychological, want money no, are you a such waste through the superstition to donate, is his life. Throughout the &;

for not related to the Spring Festival, the radicals in changsha more & other; Burying Confucian & throughout; The kind of aggressive remarks: & other; Shall instruct the local bureau of group and team, collecting folk all old almanac, or burned in public, or presentation the guanting as the nuclear burning, as in addition to the opium poison, since the lunar waste can destroy. Throughout the &;