NiPingSu yan street was identified greengrocer love cry: how old

ni ping (figure)

ni ping (figure)

in July 2011, NiPingBei named & other; Backbone of the republic of & ndash; & ndash; Ten outstanding artistic achievement & throughout; , and attended the award ceremony, but after the event, the media showed the organizers of the award to other candidates run charge, the organizing committee for the award of several organisers later punished by the administration of the ministry of civil affairs, which contributed to a nationwide to & other; Throughout front fees, awards & making money; Society’s critique of the profit model, ni ping also failed to dodge the question. Now, over time, ni ping words between calm, & other; My heart is very strong, I would have thought he was back, back is not the bone, but made up of numerous veins, every Chinese should be the backbone of the country. Throughout the &;

more than 20 years ago, ni ping because looks dignified, natural lens performance, from actors to variety show host, in the television channel limited s, she presided over the variety observatory, become the most important to Chinese people every Saturday. Presided over the 13 years in a row gala, she is almost a generation of the collective memory. After leaving her famous television screens, ni ping still has become the focus of public opinion, because the professional, because as a CPPCC member, words and deeds, because was awarded a name & other; Backbone of the republic of & throughout; Title, sometimes, also just because the appearance changes.

1 & other keywords; NiDaMa & throughout; & other; I am old, and then make up, not the gong li & throughout;

ni ping’s latest action, is a new book: “ni ping painting day”. This is not the first time she crossover. More than a decade ago, she had an autobiography “days”, offering millions of copies. Two years ago, and has published about grandma life philosophy “grandma’s sayings”, also won the award for bing xin’s prose. She said: & other; I have confidence to write well write a mother’s love. Throughout the &;

in a period with & other; After the 80 & throughout; Dialogue of the show, the host asked: & other; How do you think of our generation will call you? Throughout the &; Ni ping want to also didn’t want to answer: & other; Boyle, NiDaMa. Throughout the &; Everyone laugh, she said seriously, & other; I am old, and then make up, not the gong li. Throughout the &; In those days & other; Lover & throughout; , has now been 53, usually, she took to the streets without makeup, chatting with people, even more a reverse screen & other Dignified rocks & throughout; . Once, ni ping went to vegetable market to buy food, pulls arm to ask: is the vendors & other; Are you ni ping? How so old? Throughout the &; Food dealers said and began to cry, & other; Had a bad? Throughout the &;

but seemingly free and easy NiDaMa, had an easy day. Even if is a book of innocuous, also received unexpected criticism. In the ni ping painting day “, she wrote at the airport to see a story: a look, the son of poor mother fly first class, & other; The mother’s hand and dragged a up to tens of dollars worth of rod box, box to two supermarkets sell peanut oil from yellow-green woven bag, color colourful insanely, back carrying a bag have shoulders back at least 78 students, side string bag with several packages in hotel disposable napkins and wooden chopsticks. Throughout the &; Ni ping see son across the hassles and say goodbye, think there are two possible: one is travel economy class is sold out, only the first class; 2 it is to want his mother to sit once first class. Ni ping said that the scene at that time, she was touched, & other; Some fuzzy eyes throughout the &; .

ni ping said: & other; We are all poor. Some people say that I like standing up, has been for more than twenty years, because of the career, I have been in & lsquo; Standing like & rsquo; The location of, despite a reminder & lsquo; You are the average person & rsquo; , but subconsciously sometimes very terrible, slowly go toward your bones drill, drill to finally grow in your life. Throughout the &;