Not home children migrant workers three years: do not present as long as together

on February 3, the twelfth lunar month, the smell of New Year gathering. Wannian stone Zhen Town ZhuGu Village village, 11-year-old girl f and eight-year-old brother eagerly looking in the direction of the town.

f and brother and grandparents four people live in this YiMin Village hillside. The sister and the fourth grade and second grade students. F the mom and dad in fujian putian site workers, because there is no workmanship, can only do move brick, pick mud barrels and so on physical labor. But honesty of the trust of the boss, they won the site each year during the Spring Festival, the couple are at the site, building materials, it has been three years didn’t come home and celebrate the New Year old child.

f tells a reporter, parents at home, not to worry about a lot. Grandma is ill, always says quite a pretty good; Own sad upset when no one comfort; I came home from school to do household chores, had to take care of younger brother. The summer vacation for her, a long and boring. And their parents, at ordinary times on the phone & other; Meet & throughout; . However, the little girl thoughts is not a telephone line can carry. Last month, my father had promised to her on the phone: & other; This year, mom and dad to go home to accompany your New Year’s day, bought many new clothes and delicious. Throughout the &; After a winter vacation, f and brother often sit in the village, want to see their parents.

f tells a reporter, she doesn’t want toys, don’t want a new dress. F the brother also said, would rather do not love to eat, also want to celebrate the holiday with my parents in, & other; Want them to look at my report card & throughout; .

f open she recently wrote a journal: & other; Mom and dad: you for overtime, the Spring Festival a few times no promise of (to) go home New Year’s day, I know that you are in foreign labor for this home. This semester I study result is very good, the test among the third grade. Brother scores pretty good also. If you go home this year, and my brother don’t know you, you also do not know the brother. Mom and dad, I miss you very much, often dream of you, still cry. Throughout the &;

this feeling letting a person. Reporter dialed f father’s phone, he is working at the construction site. & other; Before a few years building a house, the debt I owe 40000 yuan, now has more than 10000 yuan by no means. Wanted to go home New Year, but the boss leave me in the site keep building materials, wages to the top of a day for three days. I calculated that the both of us can earn 6000 yuan, half month and don’t have to do heavy work. Throughout the &; Phone, f father said, 3 years did not go home and watch the child, and child being separated is ill-defined pain in their hearts, they are experiencing daily torture of missing and the exhaustion of working outside. He wants to let the children transfer to putian, but the red tape, frequent transfer, combined with site idea was shelved. In recent years, accompany with children of their time is really too little.

f took the mobile phone, bring into tears to ask: & other; Dad, this year also can go home to celebrate the holiday with us? Throughout the &; The other end into a long silence, the 11-year-old girl already filled with tears in his eyes.

soon, f father phoned to tell a reporter, through the consult with the boss, he changed his plans, such as the Lantern Festival, people go to work at the construction site, in any case, the couple must go home to see old people and children. (reporter Li-ming xu)