“Nuclear” fang had hospital official said “radiation levels to normal (figure)”

& other; Wuhan union hospital environment exist serious nuclear leak. Throughout the &; Fang in sohu weibo a blackout caused quite a stir on the Internet. Yesterday, in view of & other; Union medical college hospital operating room working conditions cause cancer doctor & throughout; Rumours that the hospital respond, statement rumors do not tally with the objective facts seriously, the operating room environment radiation levels meet the national standards.

professionals said that the incidence of thyroid carcinoma with ray does have a relationship, but whether because of radiation cause cancer, field testing. Query according to the reporter, hospital & other; Nuclear & throughout; It is not accurate.

& other; Ill the doctor & throughout; Advise others

yesterday 18 when 11 points, @ fang in the sohu weibo account said in a news release that & other; On January 7, wuhan union hospital of gynecology and obstetrics professor three women diagnosed with thyroid cancer, postoperative disease inspection diagnosed with thyroid cancer, wuhan union hospital obstetrics and gynecology female doctor the incidence of thyroid nodule as high as 90%. Throughout the &; End the message said, & other; This suggests that wuhan union hospital environment exists serious nuclear & throughout; .

half an hour later, he posted a long weibo from patients, say & other Ionizing radiation is thyroid cancer occurrence displacement clear etiology, the three women, a professor at no other common factors, only the same is working environment & throughout; .

according to the length of the content, sick the doctor work two operating rooms in four layers, upper part is the five layer of two orthopedic surgery, the two indoor orthopaedic surgery have a frequently used X-ray machine, but did not do anything against the radiation protection, resulting in the operating room downstairs work 6 years three obstetrics and gynecology doctors by radiation, risk of thyroid cancer.

long weibo once the issue has caused quite a stir on the Internet, many people are shocked. Netizens @ loved BEYOND and the speculation that & other; Estimate is not the case, if the survey is true, it should be screening hospital for radiation all over the country can do surgery. Throughout the &; There are many net friend referred to fang, & other; The nuclear & throughout; Questioned. & other; Hospital has a nuclear leak? Throughout the &; Netizens @ titiyeah 1994 questions.

as of press time, the microblogging has been forwarded 17958 times, more than 4500 comments. Yesterday morning, sohu weibo also appeared another high-profile account @ gynecologist ShaHuiLan (as shown above, the network picture), actually a certification for & other; Wuhan union hospital of doctor of vice director of gynecology and obstetrics & throughout; , according to the known as & other; One of the illness doctors throughout the &; . She forwarded the long weibo, saying & other; This is a fact, please forward & throughout; .

reporter by fang and ShaHuiLan family contact Mr. Li, he said the truth as long weibo content, sand doctors now rest at home, still need to do further radiation therapy.

& other; The nuclear & throughout; Formulation or inappropriate when

at 8 yesterday 26 points, sina certification @ wuhan union hospital issued an official statement on the matter, suggests that the hospital three views: the rumors do not tally with the objective facts seriously; Union medical college hospital surgical operating room building environmental radiation level in accordance with national standards; The school has always attached great importance to and take effective measures, to ensure the safety of patients medical safety and worker occupational protection.

the statement was released at the same time in wuhan union hospital web site.

in addition, according to the microblogging sina certification @ xinhua viewpoint, wuhan union hospital and respond to the following two: ray not thyroid cancer incidence, medical X-ray effect on thyroid cancer incidence is very small; X ray at most is called ionizing radiation, xiehe hospital there is no nuclear leak.

& other; The nuclear & throughout; How accurate? Reporter nuclear leak about the academic information, the nuclear generally refers to the radioactive leak of nuclear reactor when a failure occurs, thus & other; Occur throughout the nuclear & hospital; It is not accurate.

the reporter understands from people familiar with the place, the department of obstetrics and gynecology doctors risk of thyroid cancer, but there is no evidence of a causal relationship between cancer and ray, the hospital medical personnel is still normal work.

hubei province health department, said yesterday on the 16th of this month, has received a complainant about & other; Union medical college hospital severe radiation accident caused female professor collective cancer & throughout; XinFangJian and investigation and expert in 19, sent to the union medical college hospital, on-the-spot investigation and the content of the involved XinFangJian detection. The investigation results show that the union medical college hospital operating room without radioactive elements; Letters reflect the xiehe hospital surgical orthopaedic 2, 3, 5 building, building the operating room the use of portable C arm X-ray machine belongs to the X-ray imaging diagnostic equipment; Portable C arm X-ray machine boot at work, workplace and the ambient radiation level in accordance with the basic ionizing radiation protection and radiation sources safety standards (GB18871-2002).

reporter Zhang Jing