Obsidian stone was confirmed to have is the mayan priests “human sacrifice” designated appliance (FIG.)

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in Mexico, puebla & middot; Eric cantona areas found in the ruins of the ancient mayan culture sharp obsidian knives and has recently been confirmed is used for more than 2000 years ago the Maya & other; People throughout the &; The ceremony.

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in 2007, an archaeologist said found ancient mayans & other; People throughout the &; The ceremony.

archaeologists in Mexico in 2004, the moon in the ruins of teotihuacan pyramids, discovered more than 50 bone of the individual, after a DNA test showed that the dead are from distant, some mayan tribes in the Pacific Ocean or the Atlantic coast. Around 500 BC they die of s to 50 years BC, many of whom were beheaded. Archaeologists also in these and other People throughout the &; Around the bones, symbolic animal remains were found, including a puma, north American coyotes, eagles and snake, and obsidian knives, etc. A large number of precious cultural relics. So archaeologists suspect these different stages is the mayan tribes used to build the pyramids and other The prayer & throughout; .

teotihuacan is one of the most ancient ruins in Mexico City, in 500 BC to reach peak, about 200000 residents in the city at that time. The moon pyramid is a city teotihuacan smaller one of the two major pyramid. The archeologists have been thought, according to the indications, teotihuacan local people and life in hundreds of kilometres away in another tribe aztecs, teotihuacan people more peaceful culture. Their analysis, may be & other; People throughout the &; Traditional aztecs will be used as sacrifices are escorted from the center of teotihuacan city hundreds of kilometres away, to sacrifice to the pyramid of the moon. They are & other; People throughout the &; Victims ceremony typically cut head, this kind of behavior even lasted for centuries.

knives is & other; People throughout the &; Specify the appliance

in the national autonomous university of Mexico anthropology research institute researcher at the laboratory for the recovery of Michael’s expert help, such as archaeologists investigated by using scanning electron microscope (sem) analysis were found this batch of obsidian stone such as the ancient cultural relics. From obsidian knives cutting traces, residues and other details, they found the stone fragments contain red blood cells, and collagen, tendon and muscle fibers, such as material, that have become a fossil traces of blood on the stone, like only 20 years of history. They are human bones and tissue composition material, also found that there are 31 obvious scar. Michael said, according to the scanning test results show that different knife should be different part of the cutting, could also be used for different purposes or ceremony. So Mexico’s national institute of anthropology and history has also recently published an article said that this proved that as early as 2000 years ago, the local Maya does & other; People throughout the &; Behavior, and the sharp obsidian stone is used for cutting the human body.

according to the researchers, from the aztecs murals, etc. In the early history, there are also referred to the priest with a knife and other objects in a life-threatening bleeding, use knife cut off as the muscles of the human sacrifices and other body parts. Now to be sure, & other; Site was found to be the obsidian knives and is used to carry out & lsquo; The people offering & rsquo; Ceremony tool that is used to cut meat. Throughout the &;

an associate professor of anthropology at the university of Florida Susan & middot; Gillespie, says other studies have also found that the practice of human sacrifice, such as the Spanish conquistadors painted murals, was also depicted with a knife to remove people heart, beheaded, dismembered, and even skin. Some study also mentioned about the former Spanish culture, human blood has long been the ancients thought as a kind of used to balance the forces of the dark universe vital fluids.

gillespie said: & other; Whether you are a support or questioning attitude, human sacrifice in the archaeological value are very important. Because our predecessors have left too much about the behavior of recorded images recorded. Throughout the &;

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