Old Beijing lead Mid-Autumn festival custom: a harem worship offering month, homemade cakes

& other; August 15 Mid-Autumn festival, fruit cakes filled up with disc. Throughout the &; This proverbs says the grand old Beijing, festive holiday.

the mid autumn festival is second only to the Spring Festival is a traditional festival of the Chinese nation. The ancients put the moon as a symbol of reunion, say again so & other; The mid autumn festival & throughout; . A year & other; July 15 & throughout; Just passed, from Beijing, hebei, henan, shandong and other places of fruit began arriving, fruit stand has decoration shop, shop in fruits of artemisinin and the fresh fruit emitting bursts scent. The new moon, August necessities shop selling food on the machine tool of the rich bright JiGuanZi speckled with pod edamame branches and flowers. Dry goods store, added the price does not poor early flower watermelon. Lord rabbit stalls full of beautiful things in eyes, pastry shop of mooncakes began. The whole city is a scene festival.

the Mid-Autumn festival is closely related to month, people worship of the month for a long time. Autumnal equinox ceremonies began in the zhou dynasty, the Mid-Autumn festival moon began in wei jin sheng in the tang and song dynasty formally August 15 as the Mid-Autumn festival. Of the northern song dynasty su dongpo “to & middot; when the moon has become a song, & other; Throughout life I wish people for a long time, &; A household name. Until the late 1940 s, the old Beijing is offering month, custom of worship. In addition, has existed since ancient times & other; For a man not worship, female people not & throughout; Tradition, in also called Mid-Autumn festival & other; Sections & throughout; . Girls worship, and another layer of meaning, may & other; Looks like the goddess of the moon, such as bright moon & throughout; .

on the evening of the Mid-Autumn festival, the moon rises, every household rape can set in the southeast of the courtyard a table sweetmeats, & to the other; The moonlight horse & throughout; , case on at least three three plate moon cakes, fruit, placed ahead, edamame branches, JiGuanZi, cut ChengLian flower shaped lotus-shaped watermelon and nine section lotus root. A woman always month and worship. The finish, the family sit down at the table of reunion drink, eat reunion moon cakes, feel happy. This is the month to the ancient customs.

the moonlight horse (also known as the moon horse) is god of gods, seven or eight feet or short 23 feet in elder paper screen, with resplendent and magnificent algal painting a lunar star gentleman like a bodhisattva, and under the moon palace GuiShuHe long ears fixed light fairy dao medicine & ndash; & ndash; Yutu yutu, image is a person with a pestle. This is from the Ming and qing dynasties Taoism color is given priority to the goddess of the moon and the moon palace picture before, blend of Buddhism and Taoism in the moonlight bodhisattva and dao medicine yutu coexist worldly image.

Lord rabbit originated in the late Ming dynasty, is modelled on the initial & other; The moonlight horse & throughout; Up the image of the moon. The month doesn’t have to put the Lord rabbit, in qing dynasty, and later became a kind of toy. So the Lord rabbit let the imagination of the folk artists, for the development of drama, customs, agents were works of art. Lord rabbit big three feet, small three or four inches, generally costumes, the mount great variety, the lion or tiger, or like or deer, or chicken or crane, cattle or horses, peacock or kirin, etc. The last Lord rabbit is a year, so there is a xiehouyu, & other; The next year the Lord rabbit & ndash; & ndash; Mr. Chen. Throughout the &;

has long been a Mid-Autumn festival to eat moon cakes, moon cakes is said to have originated in the tang dynasty army ZhuJie food, northern song dynasty su dongpo’s poem as the l/c: & other; Small cakes such as chewing months, cake and candy. Throughout the &; Old Beijing to eat moon cakes in the past was mainly have three: tap red, tap white and paste cakes (i.e., reunion cake), then I have & other; Suede & throughout; , & other Infection of skin & throughout; And cantonese moon cakes. When the holidays, old Beijing also like homemade cakes. Shen Bang in the department descriptions from nanyang, describes the pomp of making moon cakes Mid-Autumn festival in Beijing of Ming dynasty: fang people all & other; Heritage made bread, sizes, call for moon cakes & throughout; . Unfortunately, the custom has gone. Old Beijing moon cakes outside before & other; To the United States lent & throughout; Made for the first, especially it also sell hot now now.

the Mid-Autumn festival, every family reunion, HeHeMeiMei, not is also a symbol of the social stability, national unity?