Old Beijing not thirty eat dumplings But eat mustard and DouErJiang pier

Beijing, Beijing on February 8 (reporter Zhang Zhongjiang) Chinese people always pay attention to food culture, weddings, at the feast, the important thing is a & other; Eat & throughout; . The Spring Festival approaching, nature is little not sleeps upon the whole family together. Old Beijing New Year’s day to eat? What to eat? According to cultural scholars Cui Daiyuan, old Beijing tradition is not a year to eat dumplings. And leave the two dishes at New Year & ndash; & ndash; Mustard and DouErJiang pier son.

old Beijing New Year’s day to eat? Mustard pier, DouErJiang without

& other; Baby baby you don’t admire, laba is years. Laba porridge to drink a few days, and sporadic, 23. 23, TangGua sticky. 24, sweep the room. Twenty-five, blast. 26, stewed mutton. 27, to kill the cock. 28, the surface hair. Twenty-nine, steamed bread & hellip; & hellip; Throughout the &;

this nursery rhyme vividly describes the preparation before the Spring Festival, Peking man. The laba festival this day there is a will do, is YanLa eight garlic, it is the real Beijing customs.

Cui Dai book diccourse in written, one & other; And steamed steamed bread closely related work & throughout; , that is, croquette. Every Chinese New Year, Beijing is prepared to fry a bowl balls. On the eve of the balls will be for balls symbolize reunion. In general was again the table during the Chinese New Year is almost always have balls, convenience is also one reason. Before Spring Festival, the total want to have New Year or receive greetings, dinner time is not fixed, also does not have a lot of time cooking. To be prepared good balls, served to eat.

is not only the balls, cold and hot from Beijing for the holiday, the dinner table, meat and vegetable, and must have a braise in soy sauce carp, take & other; Every year more than & throughout; The meaning of. There are two side dishes are essential, as is mustard pier, the other being DouErJiang, with Beijing characteristics very much.

is mustard pier son from Beijing for the holiday, chief vegetarian dishes. December 27, 28, families began to prepare the mustard pier. Eat some rice vinegar, and sesame oil, sweet and crisp, begin to understand. New Year’s day when eat the big fish big meat, on which all solutions of greasy.

DouErJiang are small dishes, but many do process. This dish is mainly use soy, cubed carrots, white bean curd cake, water bumps cubed (a pickle) and the skin boiled together, such as condensed it cold. Smooth and cool and refreshing, and then point on a bit vinegar, laba son permeability to wine, more wonderful than big fish big meat.

Cui Daiyuan also said that the Beijing New Year’s day to prepare vegetarian dishes, the new moon can’t eat meat. Such as vegetarian, vegan jai is basic soy products.

Beijing customs not thirty eat dumplings The zero point fixed knife

dumplings as the best-known festival food, around how to eat is also different. But according to the tradition of the old Beijing customs, not big thirty day to eat dumplings.

Cui Daiyuan says, old Beijing pay attention to eat & other; Even dumplings & throughout; , that is, the first in the morning to eat. Year eat big fish big meat, eat dinner began to chop stuffing, making dumplings, the zero point is not the knife again. Dumpling must be vegan, filling in the box is black fungus, mushrooms, fans, etc. According to the old rules, can put the ginger, but cannot put green onion, garlic and chives, this a few things though not meat, nose & other; Meat & throughout; . Instruments of making dumplings, boiled dumplings, dumplings with animal products.

New Year pack dumpling to the whole family together, so rich. This in order to reflect the unity of the family, work together. In addition to dumplings stuffing, wash will put some COINS and dates, figure a geely.

the WuGengTian, dumplings cooked after for first. After the ceremony, the whole family into the yard set off firecrackers. Back to the house children kowtow to the elderly, elders will send New Year’s money. Later, the whole family can get together to eat steaming & other One of the New Year for & throughout; .

& other; Throughout north millpond &; Go home and take some what eat? Snacks and pickles

a year before you come to the feast, Cui Daiyuan often encounter a problem is: home outside colleagues, friends to ask, bring home a little Beijing characteristics of food.

he said that Beijing New Year’s day is a holiday pay attention to make a snack box, bag & other; Throughout eight pieces &; , & other Small eight pieces & throughout; . The former one catty eight pieces, blessed, lu, shou, xi and other words; The latter is more delicate, a jin 16 piece, peach, apricot, pomegranate, apple and other fruit shape, and color. To do so is to able to put convenient & ndash; & ndash; Each plate, two pieces of each sample, for four or eight dish, just use a kilo.

Cui Daiyuan says, old Peking man call snack is not a snack, called & other; Land & throughout; . He laments that, don’t know since when, old Beijing land spread is lost, originally from the south & other Rice fragrant village & throughout; Is Beijing snacks.

in addition to dessert, Beijing traditional pickles taste is also very suitable for home for the Chinese New Year family.