Only ten days “terrorist” life cycle After the death of often use the hold fire stance with your mate

terrorist worm shape recovery: left for males, right for the female to take off the wing. Benban images provided by Huang Diying

Mr Wolfowitz tassel wing mosquitoes.

it was less than one cm long, & other; Throughout life &; Only 10 days, the only & other; Throughout life goals &; Is to breed & hellip; & hellip; It also has a & other; Thriller & throughout; Name & ndash; & ndash; Terrorist worm. It is the largest of all insects fossil & other; Mystery & throughout; : some people think that is a parasite, some people think that it is with a flea & other Relatives & throughout; .

recently, Chinese academy of geological paleontology Huang Diying researcher and his team, find a 165 million – year – old insect fossils found 13 new terror, & other; Terrorist worm & throughout; Although looks ugly, but very & other; Gentle & throughout; , without any offensive, is a rare modern mosquitoes & ndash; & ndash; Mr Wolfowitz, tassel wing mosquitoes & other; Relatives & throughout; . The significant achievements, was published in the latest issue of the British journal nature.

terror insect mosquitoes close relatives of Mr Wolfowitz with wing, a rare mosquitoes, belong to diptera insect.

diptera insects such as mosquito, fly, fly, there are about 85000 species. Many species is the medium of disease.

& other; Terrorist worm & throughout; Come

impression ugly insanely, once considered the parasitic on dinosaur

why is it smaller, name is so scary? Huang Diying told reporters, the yangzi evening news & other; Terrorist worm & throughout; As early as in 1992 by Russian scientists began to study, and called & other; Spectacular terrorist worm & throughout; . & other; As the name implies, its appearance than other insects, is indeed look horror thriller. Throughout the &;

in Huang Diying research articles, reporter saw & other; Terrorist worm & throughout; : the reconstruction of its body length less than 1 cm, and our common mosquito age; Tentacles are short, with suction & other; Mouth & throughout; ; No wings, foot long after there is a huge pincers; And in the abdomen has a pair of fleshy, lateral lobes as their & other; Meat thorn & throughout; .

for its & other; Identity & throughout; , scientists think it with known all insects have very big difference, so can’t go into the known insect & other; Category & throughout; . Its abdomen the lateral lobes may be glands.


a lot of people thought to be terrorist worm is a kind of external parasite, live on laying the table. Some people think that they with flea & other; Relationships & throughout; , or with lice have very close to the functional morphology characteristics. The recent terrorist worm is hairy and scholars put forward the dinosaurs parasites, its hind claw shape is used for grasping the dinosaur hair root.

found a special fossil subversive & other; Insect horror said & throughout;

terrorist worm & other; Identity mystery & throughout; With the arrival of a special fossils and uncertain.

10 years ago, Huang Diying in ningcheng county of Inner Mongolia road tiger found a fossil area: the inside of the fossil insects at least eight legs, back and legs and part of grippers. & other; At first, I think it is in this, & throughout; Huang Diying said, later again the fossil scanning, he was surprised to find that unexpectedly in the bottom half of the fossil discovered a leg. This is a piece of fossil of male and female mating. Male caught hold on the female insect, and the part of grippers are male in the leg.

& other; For insect fossils, male and female to preserve rare together. Throughout the &; Huang Diying excitedly told reporters. Since then, and found a new bug shows male terror, terror worm has a pair of huge wings, and the edges of the wings and MAO.

at the end of the day, 13 new insect fossils of traditional horror worm & other Identity information & throughout; Put forward & other; Disruptive & throughout; Conclusion: the first discovery of terrorist female insect found that male completely different: the female foot is shown after chela shape, abdomen is lack of lateral lobes in pairs, like a little wings ordinary mosquitoes, don’t have any external parasites characteristic; Males have broad wings, wings edge long hairy; Compound eye development, visible nearly a little eyes; Flat cylindrical body is not used to think back abdomen; So-called sucking mouthparts as observation error, terrorist worm mouthparts degradation, might not have feeding function.

& other; So we conclude that terrorist insect parasites, absolutely not previously thought it did not attack ability. And it certainly and now belong to diptera flies, mosquitoes. Throughout the &; Huang Diying said.

conclusion and mosquitoes are close relatives, the rest of my life for the family busy

this & other; Tiger ditch terror throughout worm &; Have modern continuation, or relative? & other; Through detailed study of morphological anatomy, we found that it is an original small groups of diptera & ndash; & ndash; Mosquito of tassel wing & lsquo; Relatives & rsquo; . Throughout the &; Huang Diying said, modern tassel wing mosquitoes are very small, generally less than 3 mm, only seven living species, have been found in China. One of mosquitoes and tassel wing section & other Mr Wolfowitz throughout the tassel wing mosquitoes &; Characteristics of vein and terror is similar to the worm, is even more peculiar and terror of the abdomen is similar lateral lobe, and only appeared in the male. Mr Wolfowitz mosquito tassel wing has a unique way of life, from the adult, soon took off his wings, mate in the water, mainly live in the water. More interestingly, after they died in the water also often use the hold fire stance with your mate.

terror of mystery so readily solved. Like modern tassel wing mosquitoes, terrorist worm from adult may after a short flight will take off the wings, mate in the water. Their mouthparts degradation, and thus not feeding, adult is only a short life cycle; They died after spawning mating, but can still maintain mating pose. Male chela shape after the foot is not used to grip the pterosaurs skin or hair root of dinosaurs, nor hunting tools, and may be used for male. At least for now the number of female terrorist worm is far less than the male. Therefore, terrorist worm is not & other; Terror throughout the &; .

& other; Terrorist childhood main microbes in the draft, and did not eat into adulthood. Ten days it the only goal in life, is to pass it. Throughout the &; Huang Diying said.

biologists to Mr Wolfowitz tassel wing mosquito abdominal pair didn’t understand the function of the lateral lobes. And terrorist insect riddle untied may help solve the biologists to Mr Wolfowitz tassel wing mosquito abdominal function confusion, lateral lobes will also be helpful to the modern insect classification.

s news background

this is the insect fossils side & other; Two big mystery & throughout; One of

another mystery research selected & other; In 2012 the world’s 2012 big science story & throughout;

for paleontologists, insect fossils is scientific research & other The key & throughout; . Worldwide, there are two kinds of insect fossils that most scientists and other Confused & throughout; : they are Saurophthirus (lizard lice) and Strashila (genus) terror. And let a person & the other; Confused & throughout; , mainly because no classification relationship and life habits of their accurate answer.

at the beginning of 2012, Huang Diying researcher and his team in Inner Mongolia ning town road tiger ditch a grasp of & other; Six over one hundred thousand & throughout; Chance, proved Saurophthirus (lizard lice) is actually lived about 165 million years ago & other A giant flea & throughout; , is by far the most ancient fossil fleas. This discovery will the fleas in the fossil record in advance at least more than 4000 in ten thousand.

the study was published last year in the journal nature, and “Discover” (discovery) named by the United States and other In 2012 the world’s 2012 big science story & throughout; One of the.

more as it is, at the beginning of this year, also in Inner Mongolia ning town road tiger ditch, Huang Diying found 13 pieces of new terrorist insect fossils. And it is the 13 fossils, to help him solve the insect fossil finds another & other; Mystery & throughout; .