Opera denier actor xin-ran liu: don’t care about being “male and female not bian”

s character card

xin-ran liu, male, from Beijing. High school graduated from Beijing 65 middle school, learn English professional college period, subsequent read undergraduate course graduation in Beijing university of Chinese professional. Office after graduating from the Beijing meteorological bureau to become civil servants, who took learning opera performance, many times to participate in the national contest of Peking Opera fan, has obtained the gold medal. Director Stanley kwan in 2010 in kunqu opera “flow sweet partner” and drama works of Lao she five Lin director, in 2011, starring experiment one-horned Peking Opera “cao qi qiao, played in the Peking Opera” the mei lanfang China “mei lanfang and starring the spearhead of the lady takes command & middot; hold to print. Turned 30, resigned to become a professional Beijing Opera stage actor, now hna culture company staff, as artists, since February 2012 in Beijing is b shrine GuXiLou starring in a new concept of Beijing Opera “flying phoenix play”.

when writing/settle

he is beautiful, elegant, beautiful, charming, natural and graceful, elegant & hellip; & hellip; All adjectives used on him is used to describe a beautiful woman, in weibo, in the theatre, the audience for his letters, after reporters he published articles, these words of praise by continual repetition. In criticism, said he and other Abnormal & throughout; , said he and other Male and female not bian & throughout; , then guess his emotional orientation. Well, the people around to read to him; Ill, he quietly to see in my spare time. Praise and foreign affairs, he take it one by one, do not explain. Said, don’t care not to be tempted, not really, but he is too busy, busy learning, acting, busy & other; May last a lifetime in search & throughout; , those who have nothing to do with the play of praise or personal attacks and seem less important, he has his own choice, and the pursuit of & ndash; & ndash; According to the road is not long, I want to learn & other; Stuff & throughout; The right and wrong too much, other people’s mouth, and don’t care.

he is xin-ran liu, profession is Beijing Opera male actors. He was a talented woman in the fluidized incense with cui depicting the cloud, “mei lanfang China” the mei lanfang, “Lao she five” in the sea and then be & other Kept throughout the &; Male actors, according to zhang ailing’s golden lock “Peking Opera adaptation of the dissatisfied housewife in cao seven artful seven qiao. Now, he is the flying phoenix play, & other; Past & throughout; The imperial concubine mei and & other Throughout this life &; Li Fengjie. His next identity be? He can tell. Also in the way of training, although accumulated some famous also attracted some & other; Fans & throughout; , but they haven’t arrived to & other; Pick to play & throughout; Can, & other; To decide & throughout; State, so he is also looking forward to, look forward to always maintain a good luck, looking forward to meet the teacher before, bole can continue to support him and give him bring opportunities and challenges & ndash; & ndash; At least, still can meet for his role, suitable for his play.

s & other; When the idea is quite simple, study, and then does a civil servant, won’t have too big, also can have a good, in my spare time, do what you like to do, learn what they like to learn, have fun of life, is enough. Because didn’t want to with this one, just want to let oneself happy, so, whether in the past study vocal music or learning Beijing Opera, now more is a form of self-expression. Throughout the &;

xin-ran liu’s parents are middle school teacher, the work also has nothing to do with art. When xin-ran liu was a xiaomao child, desire can grow in the vocal music, the old couple didn’t stop, let he go to the children’s palace in dongcheng district in Beijing, word. It was also at this time, he met the most important thing in life, teacher, elders Duan Qingfeng professor he vocal music teacher. The name throughout the xin-ran liu since boyhood nearly 20 years of learning, growing, days. & other; Period of the teacher is arguably the most understand me the person, to some extent, even more than my parents. He studied western music was born, had just met, he is in the direction of the bel canto to educate me, he think I have a good voice condition. But, unfortunately I then voice, sound quality is not very ideal, is not the same as before. The teacher said, that you to pop. Throughout the &;