Oscar judges “old man” in power: the average age of 62 years old

the academy of motion picture arts and sciences membership is basically for life, some of whom have long time no work in the film industry, therefore the Oscar voters have a nanny, the bookstore owner and retired peacekeepers to recruit.

the 84th Academy Awards will be held in Los Angeles on February 26, slower award. With the approaching of the awards, for the annual Oscar awards of speculation began to increase. And Oscar to depend entirely on the academy of motion picture arts and sciences members of the vote.

the Los Angeles times recently to the voting members investigation statistics, the results show that the member is more concentrated than most people think of & ndash; & ndash; In the 5765 members of the college, 94% of people were white, 77% were male. The voters’ average age 62 years old, while only 14% of the members is less than 50 years old. Whereas in the final award belonging, & other; Minority groups throughout the &; Proportion indeed worthy of the name: only 2% of the members are African americans, 2% were Hispanic americans.

combing exposure truth

this statistics released is not easy, because for a variety of reasons, college and not create a list of all the members of the public, and the Los Angeles times is almost use the technique of carpet access to make the final statistics, confirm the identity of the 5100 – member.

the academy of motion picture arts and sciences self-proclaimed & other Throughout the world’s most prominent film organization &; By & other; Work in the film industry achievements of the most outstanding men and women throughout the &; , its members, including names of yi yi is unripe brightness, such as Tom & middot; Hanks, Sidney & middot; Poitier, meryl & middot; Streep and Stephen & middot; Spielberg, also include some TV show more famous actors such as jack Lin in Charlie’s angels & middot; Smith and “love boat” Gavin & middot; Claude. College is basically an organization in today’s film industry practitioners, 50% of the members in the past two years on the big screen. But membership is basically for life, so also has hundreds of voters didn’t work in the film industry for decades. In visiting the Los Angeles times, members have a nanny, a bookstore owner and a peacekeeping force to recruit retired, and they will vote and Julia & middot; Roberts, George & middot; Clooney and leonardo & middot; Dicaprio has the same effect.

judges constitute advantageous to “the artist”

to some extent, this is not a surprising result, because of the Hollywood film industry for a long time is dominated by white men. Academy President Tom & middot; Xie lake has said this is just one of the reasons. Xie told the Los Angeles times lake, he tried to make the members of more diversified, but in reality is difficult, because the form is a mirror image of Hollywood movie industry personnel. College administrators fair & middot; Alden & middot; Robinson explains: & other; We (the industry) are with limit & hellip; & hellip; If the film industry itself is not a good open, widen (members), it would be very difficult for us to how to realize the diversification. Throughout the &;

in fact, the Hollywood film industry and the academy of motion picture arts and sciences on the component members of oneness of criticism for a long time. The most famous is in 1996, the United States the famous civil rights leader Jesse & middot; Jackson had protests because of this, and even among college membership, there are many people agree with Jackson’s point of view. Had starred in “pulp fiction” and “Star Wars: episode”, a famous black actor Samuel & middot; Jackson in the last year to the Los Angeles times is pointed out that the awards ceremony of 2011 none of the African people.

institute, said they still wanted to see the growth of the members of minority groups. Director xie lake said, when commenting on the statistical data to the data itself is the power of diversity has encouraged college members. & other; For us, we hope you will be able to enter, eager to you to join, this also is a kind of help to us. Throughout the &; Xie said lake.

for awards that keen to do, at least for now, such a vote personnel in the form of black and white silent film to salute to the Hollywood movie “the artist” is rather good.