Pacific network editor-in-chief pregnant by the website Company had no comment

May 7, “female worker labor protection special provisions”, the promulgation, however the network in the Pacific as editor in chief of miss dong has not happy, she didn’t think, just because she was pregnant, the listed company should forcefully driven her dismissal. Pacific responded yesterday, & other; Is not convenient to comment & throughout; .

leadership thrust his resignation after pregnancy

miss dong, 34, 2011 in guangzhou 2 at the end of the Pacific computer information consulting co., LTD., Pacific female net work, served as executive editor, editor in chief. We have learned, in this year, miss dong, Pacific network performance soared more than 100%, and 2011 annual report of the biggest highlights of the company.

this year on April 19 morning, miss dong went to guangdong hospital inspection, confirmed by the B ultra inspection is pregnant. According to miss dong, inspection found to have aura symptoms of abortion, the doctor advised her to rest for a period of time. In order not to affect the work, the day she’ll inform pregnancy news corporation, senior vice President li mou some, and asked for sick leave a week. But had a weekend, let her unexpected thing happened.

on the morning of April 24, li mou some talk with miss dong, citing her pregnancy is not competent for work asked her to resign. Miss dong consternation, immediately rejected. Ms dong said, at 2 PM on the day of 36 points, li mou a talk with her again, and said & other; The network now need a backbone, the boss won’t have any mishap, you leave on good terms & throughout; . To this, miss dong made it clear that don’t agree.

accept not resign was driven

let miss dong, more surprise, on the afternoon of April 24, after finished talking with li mou some back to his desk, finds himself on the computer can’t open. Later she found out that the company’s chief operating officer cong-min zhang learned that she didn’t agree to resign, immediately ordered the doors computer, pin on her card, cancellation of internal email accounts, stop the company Intranet access. Now, she couldn’t get into the company gate.

ms dong said, 5 o ‘clock on the afternoon of 21 points, cong-min zhang called conversation to get to her office. Cong-min zhang said repeatedly, & other; After you are pregnant, can’t guarantee your work time, at your age, your body, I think might as well put the child birth, then look at how to consider further cooperation space and opportunities throughout the &; Miss dong said don’t agree.

unexpectedly, on April 26, miss dong suddenly learned that the company managers have announced their & other; Departure & throughout; . Ms dong said, she then call cong-min zhang, zhang had replied, & other; You have officially resigned to me, I now agree with you resign. Throughout the &; & other; They are been grafted roguing. Throughout the &; Ms dong said, she went to the company for a full year, performance is very outstanding, then submit to the company a pay rise, cong-min zhang has been dragging did not comment. This year on March 6 in the morning, she was texting gave cong-min zhang to resign. Retain, company executives has been to find her talk. On April 16, she sent text messages to your boss agreed to stay on. But I didn’t think that after she became pregnant, the company is deliberately to avoid confusing two things fired and drive the legal responsibility of pregnant women.

miss dong said that when she came into the company, about 30000 yuan a month, but the company let her to sign a contract with a monthly salary of 4000 yuan, she refused to sign. After, the company also signed a 30000 contract a month with her, but did not give her a contract.

company: inconvenient comment

yesterday afternoon, the reporter called the Pacific network director of human resources zheng-min wei, he told reporters that at present, the company received letters miss dong, miss dong has not to do the handover work, not convenient to comment.

reporters, & other; It is illegal to pregnant female worker to resign behavior throughout the &; . Zheng-min wei replied, & other; Breach is not illegal to labor arbitration and the courts to decide, and it’s time for (the company) need & hellip; & hellip; A slap is been taken, the problem to be from both sides.

zheng-min wei, said yesterday that the will after consulting company legal counsel, to respond to reporters. By the reporter last night when, still not received the relevant response.

lawyer: firing illegal pregnant women

– Aaron lawyer at guangdong ji-cheng liu believes that clear provisions of the state, unit of choose and employ persons must not because female worker pregnancy, birth, breast-feeding reduce their salaries, dismissed, or terminate labor contract, the Pacific of the network, is illegal. At the same time, the company citing resigned before terminate the contract, if miss dong there is evidence to prove that she agreed to leave, then she put forward resignation before failure, the company announced her departure, belong to the company unilaterally terminate the contract. At the same time, if the company did not sign labor contract with ms dong, also belong to illegal behavior.

ji-cheng liu think, miss dong can complain to the labor inspection department to maintain their own rights and interests, if can’t meet their demands, can apply for labor arbitration.