“Part-time poet” book To buy a house in Beijing is only 500 yuan a month

not long ago, in Chinese poetry is a lot of people know and love & other Work throughout the poet &; Bai Lianchun book, the news encouraged many have writers dream & other; Work throughout the poet &; .

Bai Lianchun, born in 1965 while luzhou, sichuan province, graduated from junior high school. Left home at the age of 15, first as a soldier, after wandering, working again, it came back in 2008, 2010 homeless in guangdong, hunan, hebei, and hainan, in July 2011 to return home again. Bai Lianchun new collection includes the three books, poetry anthology “tears of a Chinese character” stories have how long, how long is the day, prose “salute to life”, the book from the author heart true feelings also has moved a large number of readers.

behind his honor is bitter

Bai Lianchun start since childhood like literature, like writing. Published works started in 1985, 2000 to join China writers association, participated in the 10th youth poetry slam, won a nomination of Lao she literature, medium-length novel “save father” third list novella novel society of China, he also won the “stars” cross-century poetry prize, the first large poetry grand prix prize at migrant workers.

a lot of people don’t know, how he these honors after containing the bitterness, in the west China metropolis daily reporter interview, Bai Lianchun confessed to make a living in Beijing for ten years, and finally end up in a disease, he explains, is there not good, eat is not good, & other; I ever do for pirated booksellers proofreading, they always smoke in an impenetrable little house, I was smoke smoked very afflictive. Throughout the &; In Bai Lianchun intermittent tells, a site for yourself doing struggle story gradually plump up.

he bought a house in Beijing grind

Bai Lianchun is 46 years old, unmarried. Except when a check in Beijing, he had burnt boiler, in the company cafeteria cook, at that time he lived in a dark basement weaves her own ideal. Know Bai Lianchun friends used to describe him, & other Standard of farmers, shabby, rustic, you couldn’t see even a tiny bit about poetry. Throughout the &;

Bai Lianchun 3 hours to work on foot every day, he said: & other; Where no subway, even through I don’t like to spend 3 yuan ticket, let alone the subway, is taking the bus I grudge spend 1 dollar. Throughout the &; He a grind in 2007 bought a suite in the grand view garden beside, & other; 38.8 square meters house spent more than 40, looking for a bank loan. Throughout the &; Bai Lianchun earn 3000 yuan a month, but also to 2500 yuan in loans, the remaining 500 yuan every penny to break in half.

a long time, even white ChunDou called & other; Bitter melon poet & throughout; And his name is by netizens voted & other; Synonymous with suffering & throughout; . However scrutinize his words how bitter, not at all. He explains new name “salute to life”, & other; Those suffering, it is more than I a person experienced, there are more and more people, also once or is to suffer. But I was lucky, fate is so, I’m not dead, also not mad, still can live, can even write a book, so I thank living, and salute to life. Throughout the &;