“Peking man” skull whereabouts mystery: most likely loss of Japanese folk

& other; People in Beijing & throughout; Skull fossils

500000 years ago & other; People in Beijing & throughout; Skull fossils, somehow missing after the outbreak of the Pacific war since 1941, has been a difficult cases.

however, in the latest issue of the march issue of the South African journal of science research report said that China and South Africa, the researchers found that the Peking man skull & other; Whereabouts throughout the &; New clues.

& ndash; & ndash; The latest clues & ndash; & ndash;

Peking man skull fossil may be buried in qinhuangdao

witwatersrand university anthropology professor li & middot; Berger and institute of vertebrate paleontology and paleoanthropology, Chinese academy of sciences of the two Chinese researchers completed the study.

the researchers according to the second world war the United States marines Richard & middot; Bowen’s memory, it is concluded that the Peking man skull might be buried in China qinhuangdao somewhere under a parking lot. According to the report, Mr Bowen and his family took the initiative to find the prestigious university of the witwatersrand in archaeology, revealed the bowen & other; Finally saw & throughout; Peking man skull.

according to bowen memories, in 1947 he was in the U.S. in qinhuangdao & other HuoErKang’s camp & throughout; Take part in a battle, the americans in digging the bunkers dug up in a wooden box & other; Beijing throughout human skull &; , when the soldiers use wood case as the machine gun pad, then bowen are being held captive. Bowen thinks, after the battle, Peking man skull may be buried in the in situ. Researchers, according to Mr Bowen’s memories to qinhuangdao were investigated, and found the bowen said & other; HuoErKang’s camp & throughout; & ndash; & ndash; It has now turned into a building in downtown in the parking lot.

researchers think that bowen is probably the last person to see Peking man skull, in a lot of memories of Peking man skull, Mr Bowen’s account may be & other; The most trusted & throughout; . The university of the witwatersrand in South Africa said in a statement, Peking man skull & other Still missing or buried in qinhuangdao asphalt under the ground a few feet & throughout; .

in 1929, the Chinese paleoanthropologist PeiWenZhong discovered for the first time complete, 500000 – year – old Peking man skull. In 1941, before the outbreak of the war in the Pacific, for & other; Protect the Peking man skull fossil & throughout; The purpose of the Peking man skull was handed over to the left Beijing to withdraw the United States Marine corps in the United States. In the same year on December 5, the force by the train bound for qinhuangdao, but because of the outbreak of the Pearl Harbor later captured by the Japanese army of the place such as Beijing, tianjin American soldiers, Peking man skull was missing.

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fossil most likely loss of Japanese folk

& other; According to the clues, skull fossil for clues most likely to be the one in Japan. Throughout the &; Deputy director of the institute of vertebrate paleontology and paleoanthropology, Chinese academy of sciences high star is introduced, the direction of the fossil erosion may be, the United States and Japan in The Three Kingdoms, but the original authorities that the fossils may be existing in Japan.

in the first place, the train transport fossil is looting by Japanese forces in tianjin. Secondly, after the Japanese occupation of Beijing, had to store & other People in Beijing & throughout; Fossils of the xiehe hospital closely. The fossil was brought to Japan also most likely after the loss to the Japanese folk. High star said, Chinese scientists have to communicate with Japanese scientists, that some scientists in Japan have made a positive cooperation. But & other; To a certain extent after search it up & throughout; Some aspects of obstacles, from Japan. He said, because the multinational fossil is quite difficult for non-governmental organizations, therefore also needs the government to give support.

fossil buried in Beijing ritan park

& other; That was in 1996, a Japanese soldier before he died, the message to the Chinese authorities, according to the fossil buried in ritan park under a pine tree, the pine tree also make the special mark. Throughout the &; Have & other; People in Beijing & throughout; Known as the father of Jia Lanpo academician Jia Yuzhang son of memories.

in May 1996, the Chinese academy of sciences institute of geophysics shock detection group, for burial area conducted two high-density electrical method, surface wave, multi-channel shallow seismic method of detection, and quickly reached the conclusion, through consultation, a deal with Beijing ritan park management office the morning of June 3, 1996 formally explore agreement.

& other; Very low-key, at that time, the experts for mining site surrounded by using plastic shade, & throughout; Jia Yuzhang said, & other; Because it is unlikely, but also to find, so there is no secret. Throughout the &; However, has been dug to 2 meters deep, experts still haven’t found any buried, more stick phenomenon has been observed. According to this situation, the experts through consultation, and digging down, a while the result is fine yellow sandstone. Then, expand the scope of mining again, still not found buried, the expert judgment, the geophysical anomalies should be caused a lot of grey calcareous tuberculosis layer under the surface, so I decided to stop looking for.

fossils in tianjin the barracks

in the 1980 s, American anthropologist Shapiro said in “Peking man”, a former marines had told him, fossil had passed to the United States Marine corps barracks in tianjin.

on October 21, 1971, according to escort the Peking man fossil feely transfer abroad task executor, doctors in the United States said, with a Peking man fossils box in the United States Marine corps barracks compound of tianjin the 6th floor of the basement under the wood floor.

& other; Afterwards, there for I has been in the news, that there is no fossil. Throughout the &; Jia Yuzhang disclosed. It is understood that the old barracks was changed hands several times, now tianjin health school, 6 buildings damaged during the 1976 earthquake, razed to the ground as the playground, in the building even digging up the ground, the result what also have no. But Jia Yuzhang said, one thing is confirmed, the father Jia Lanpo and textual research, does to the barracks.

fossil in a sunken ship & other; O wave pill & throughout; On

& other; According to the United States to provide information of China, fossil is likely in & lsquo; O wave pill & rsquo; On the number. Throughout the &; , speak of the fossil history scholars Li Shuxi more than once told the media that he has for many years looking for fossils.

& other; O wave pill & throughout; Built in the 1940 s, is a Japanese ocean liner. On March 28, 1945, has been the Japanese army requisition & other O wave pill & throughout; In Singapore, loaded from southeast Asia to retreat a large number of Japanese officers and needs to Japan. In the same year on April 1, at midnight, the ship to the down island waters east of fujian province in China, be was cruising the waters of the U.S. submarine attack, rapidly sank after 3 minutes.

the Li Shuxi believe & other; Peking man skull & throughout; In the sunken ship direct reason, is a the United States to China information. Li Shuxi said to the media, in 1996, he suddenly found when finishing materials have never seen, there is such a layer of meaning: the missing & other; Peking man skull & throughout; May in the sunken & other; O wave pill & throughout; On.

in 1977, China had to & other; O wave pill & throughout; Made a preliminary wreck, but because of the limitation of the diving technology only found 3000 tons of tin ingot and some other things, did not find & other; Peking man skull & throughout; . However, divers found the puppet manchukuo dignitaries Zheng Yu home hide small signs and round inkstone, it follows that confirms the ship carrying a large number of northern China treasures of speculation, also become & other; O wave pill & throughout; May be loaded & other; Peking man skull & throughout; The strong circumstantial evidence.