Peking University security book stand with Peking University, the principal zhou preface (FIG.)

gan wei reading in the unnamed lake.

he first entered Beijing university in 2007 and became a security guard. He was born in rural, but always aspire to the highest academic programmes. On guard, he was once the envy of Peking University students, and other They went into the palace of Peking University academic, but I was on guard & throughout; . But soon, the north & good school spirit style make he discovered the other; Throughout the home &; And he began to use the rest time listening to lectures, reading a book. In 2008, he passed adult the university entrance exam and was admitted to Peking University and become a student wearing a security guard. In early June this year, his new book come out standing with Peking University, Peking University President zhou for his preface. He is a Peking University security phase.

small security implementation & other; The writer dream & throughout;

gan wei was born in 1982, from hubei GuangShui rural, in August 2007, he started as a security guard at Peking University and Simon in the north, the west side of the door, on guard. As a security guard in recent five years, there has been a writer dream. In recent five years, love to write the result of gan wei often recorded. Last December, gan wei to write 120000 words of a binder, named “walk in the unnamed lake”, he expected the brochure can be published.

at the beginning of this year, a publishing house found gansu phase. Total planning space-squeezed cities, author of stand with Peking University, says from the media to see phase after reports of wei, moved by his inspirational experiences, & other; He is a common security, but very love learning, is moved us his experience, and resolution. Throughout the &;

after editing and finishing, early June this year, “walk in the unnamed lake” renamed “stand with Peking University, published. Recently, he has resigned from Peking University security work, ready to look for work related to the literature, expect to become a university counselor or high school Chinese teacher.

zhou write sequence modestly himself writing bad

in & other; Peking University & throughout; Before plaques, lean phase wei wearing a security guard, looked at the distance & hellip; & hellip; This is the phase of the new book “stand with Peking University” cover. More than 30 little stories in prose style in the book, his five years experience as a security guard at Peking University.

book before, gan wei to pku President zhou sent email, and attach your own & other; Peking University story & throughout; , in the hope that President zhou for his & other; Throughout the book &; Write sequence.

soon, principal zhou wrote a long thousand words as a preface. Zhou in the introduction, & other; I major in chemistry, good with words, but also because wrote a “chemistry is you, chemistry is my” (song), let everybody know that I’m good with words & hellip; & hellip; However, when a security work in our school letter of gan wei comrade to I recommend his new writing a few words of words, I said yes, and be happy. Throughout the &;

zhou, said a security guard, after hard work, can make full use of good learning resources of Peking University, diligently enterprising, improve oneself, this spirit is worth admire.

every year nearly 20 security degree of Peking University

security officer liu in April this year passed the interview at the university of Beijing institute of technology, to become a graduate student. Peking University has zhang guiquan security deputy district chief tsinghua university and the central party school of two bachelor’s degree, also a lawyer’s practice certificate pass. Beijing university security guards brigade battalion chief gui-ming wang tells a reporter, since 1994, in his security officer already has more than 300 people attended the university or above, major in some also back home after graduation as a university teacher.

perennial fewer than 500 people of Peking University security officer, every year there are nearly 20 people a degree, the reason is that traditional organized by Peking University formed to encourage learning. Security papers for hard students, help them to adjust and shift jobs for learning; Peking University courses allow security audit, some professors also gives security books and old computers, trade union organizations run by civilians school of Peking University will give security officer to set aside each year listening to lectures.

encourage learning ethos in tsinghua security have been formed. It is understood that in tsinghua, mid-team leader of the above-mentioned persons have college degree or above, their learning experiences can also enlighten new security. At present, tsinghua university and Peking University’s security company has been cooperating with Beijing radio and television university, to encourage security read TV university, can avoid the diploma half tuition. Security of more for adult education or course oneself, usually in the evening and weekend classes. In order to ensure security school, tsinghua university and Peking University security guards brigade also jobs, according to the arrangement of the guards of class time security can take time off during the examination. After get above college diploma, pay $50 a month.

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& other; Low starting point is low, does not mean the end & throughout;

q: how to enter Peking University when security guards?

a: in August 2007, when I walked in the shopping, see a building have a security guard in the reading, I went up to chat. Then I asked him, I said you still hire security guards? He said to the captain I ask, the second day, he said captain said let you come in for an interview. I was captain interview: why did you come to Peking University? I said two things: first, is to the survival and development. Second, I said want to learn knowledge, enrich their knowledge. The captain said, you can work well, you can learn. I like this into the north when the security guard.

q: what are you these days as a security guard at Peking University, how to adjust the time of study and work?

a: we had one for three shifts, one class 8 hours, if I the early, noon, afternoon, evening have time. And sometimes conflict with class time, I will and colleagues to adjust the team more support inside, the atmosphere of learning have been better, security brigade has been have a tradition of encourage learning. We are young people, the security guard came rural children, plasticity is very strong, see Peking University students in class every day, learning, you don’t take the book learning, feel embarrassed. We are cherish this chance to learn.

q: why do you want to book?

a: I love writing, often the result recorded. There was some feeling: I have been to the north, walked up and down every day, because from my dorm to Simon on guard, with students passing by on the road, they came to Peking University academic halls, Simon, I came to Peking University at that time, a bit of a disappointment, I don’t how to get into Peking University classroom? At that time, have some ideas, later I will write it down, is the life feeling, just write slowly. After a long time later, I found the word, more and more, five years, I have accumulated to 120000 words. Around a lot of friends, after seeing my heart feel quite inspirational, and encouraged me to publish this book. I hope this book will to today’s young people, especially the children of adversity, especially rural children, give them encouragement and confidence.

q: why the book named “stand with Peking University?

a: originally, the name of the book is called “walking in the unnamed lake”, about his experience of these years in Peking University. Later, I think the stand with Peking University can sum up the contents of the book. The face of it, as a security guard, patrol, etc are generally standing during the period of unattended; Tell from deeper, & other; Standing & throughout; Represents an unyielding, and independent personality.

q: you have resign from Peking University security jobs, what are you going to do in the future?

a: future still in the education industry to do something, this is my advantage, specialty, because I for material requirement is not high, the ascension of mental state is very important to me. Have started to look for a job, look forward to become a university counselor or middle school teacher, and writing will insist, as a sideline of the job.

q: can you give the students some advice of this year?

a: whether you have admitted to a famous university, you don’t be disappointed, discouraged, the road of life there are ten million reasons, some people cannot be score is the selection, you want to use their own hobbies, special skill, play to their advantages, in-depth research in this field in the future, the same can make achievements. Low starting point is low, does not mean the end, starting point can’t decide good or bad, an exam also cannot determine the fate of a person, in the end is your dream and long-term unremitting efforts to succeed.