People’s Daily review corrupt official reading: Hu Changqing love “jin ping mei”

because working relationship, often deal with some leading cadres. Within the office in a few WeiGuanZhe, bookcase really put a lot of books, is a hardback “officer”, “larded”, “protect the tactics of Chinese past dynasties grand view”, “the ancient emperor yu:”, “officialdom culture and etc., such as” Yin and Yang to learn “, even “eight words and the official” also is there. It seems that the officer to read important, but what to read, the more important.

& other; For cultivating TianXiaZhe for himself, and the first one to treat heart & throughout; . Heart raises a gender, to study in. Learning is the leading cadres to strengthen the party spirit cultivation, firm the ideal faith, an important way to improve mental state. Cadres should read what book? This is not only a personal hobby, but also a serious outlook, values, outlook on life.

Hu Changqing love reading. He often see is the carnal prayer mat, “plain woman heart sutra”, “jin ping mei”, the worst excesses the heavily fortified green zone. Liaoning shenyang former vice mayor xiang-dong ma also love reading, he carried a bet selection operation, the gambling game skill sharing, bet on actual combat 108 recruit, results compulsive gambling lost the whole life. Shandong taian former party secretary Hu Jianxue also love reading, watching the linen that act, the act of LiuZhuang phase, the anthroposcopy daqo, eventually & other; Starr & throughout; On the point of no return.

book of medicine also. Since books have just throw out, the essence and the dregs. Good reading and good reading need to read more good books. Reading can make a person, also can destroy a person. Through the ages, some fall WeiGuanZhe, are nothing more than two reasons, on the one hand, it is not to read without learning, addicted to the officer, content with the status quo, such & other; Officer person & throughout; Not & other; Ignorance Japanese imperialists tried & throughout; On the point of no return, is not to be permitted by the people, be eliminated by times. But not on the other hand is a love reading, read books, but some books in a filthy mess, such & other; Officer person & throughout; Often eventually lost faith, moral degradation, depression, and even moral integrity the heavily fortified green zone.

in the busy work, quietly read some books, selectively read some good books, is also a kind of ability for leading cadres. Today’s rapidly changing times, new situation and new problems emerge in endlessly, put forward new request to the leading cadres of the ruling ability. Work only learn more, read more books, read good books can better qualified for the job. As a party member cadre, what to read books, love what to read, is not only a hobby, more directly affect the party’s governance capability and advanced nature. Not was born in a scholarly family, the love of books is completely out of his life to the society, to the life, the need for truth thinking. Zhou enlai life love reading, master many languages, is rich in intellect. A cadre of high character, breaking away from babbittry by constantly read books about life cultivation.

reading good books can khalid, cultivate one’s morality raises a gender, to mend. Reading good books can be a pure soul, edify sentiment, rich knowledge, strengthen people’s talents. For leading cadres, should read some job related new theories, new knowledge, new skills, new rules of the book, rather than holding the larded, study the way of power, the number of people, eventually will only be on the people.