Peru in 4000 pyramid was used as a paving stone to punish only 8.1 million yuan

pyramid before (left) and destroyed after being flattened (right).

4000 cultural relics were destroyed

irreparable damage

the archaeological sites near Lima has a pyramid of at least 4000 years of history. A few days ago, two real estate developers to find local metalling, unexpectedly used heavy machinery will be the as much as 6 meters of historical relics razed to the ground. Peruvian archaeologist said with regret, the loss is immeasurable. At present, the Peruvian government has to two real estate company formally put forward the legal and financial penalties.

media reported Thursday that killed off the level the pyramid is located in several kilometers north of Lima, the capital of st. Martin pulis town, is & other; Para Aesop & throughout; Archaeological site of one of the 12 pyramids, so far at least 4000 years of history. Archaeological records show that the area was inhabited by a 1500-3000 people, when they use the construction of the 100000 tons of rock up to 6 meters, covers an area of 2500 square meters of the pyramid.

the Peruvian cultural heritage, vice minister rafael & middot; On June 29, Aaron, according to historic sites were damaged. Two local real estate development company sent construction workers, the use of heavy machinery such as excavators, bulldozers, on the historical relics & other; Barbaric demolition & throughout; . To clean up the scene destroy the evidence, after destroying the pyramid builders and will destroy set fire to the ruins. When they are trying to destroy the other three pyramids, be bystanders to stop in time.

Aesop’s the head of the archeological excavation project. He said with regret to the media, flattened pyramid & other; Caused irreparable damage to Peruvian history & throughout; . & other; We will don’t know how to build the pyramid are, use what material, the life of the people of that age. Throughout the &;

at the moment, the Peruvian government has to two suspected of illegal real estate development company litigation, and a $1.32 million (RMB 8.1 million) fines, confiscation of machinery and equipment at the same time.

although the government has made the punishment decision, but a lot of netizens think that the government didn’t do duty Peru. Yangcheng evening news reported