Pharmaceutical company boss watching Chinese dictation Employees write typo heavy penalties

Chinese medicine name is too difficult for punishment doesn’t really

xu boss runs a small pharmaceutical company in jinhua, at ordinary times often into traditional Chinese medicinal materials. In early November this year, Mr Xu suddenly announced at a conference in weeks, the company in the future if staff at work to write typo, especially types related words, will be heavy penalties.

although oral so announced, but who has not take & other; Open knife & throughout; . Where know, first, to forfeit their king is usually the most effective assistant. On Tuesday, because in the wrong four Chinese characters written on the cargo list, wang fined 200 yuan.

this way, the company’s employees are scared, 50 pieces in one word, afford to punish!

written by wang is a Chinese traditional medicine into the cargo list, which has more than ten kinds of medicinal herbs, four kinds of writing in the name of the medicine have wrong character.

king said assistant

the boss speak too fast, the names of traditional Chinese medicine is so hard

assistant wang cut the left-side, plate and frame glasses, a Korean dress. He reads, of a university graduate in ningbo, majored in business administration. Mr Xu’s first job after graduation, in pharmaceutical companies, has been working for a year and a half.

work, assistant wang like to use pinyin input method, in addition to fill out a form in the unit, basic it is to use mobile phones and computers for written communication. He acknowledged that handwriting is not good-looking, but also feel no need to practice calligraphy.

xu said that day 200 yuan fines, call me directly to financial, I was a little unhappy.

don’t just write a wrong words, others write miss, why my money? Besides, every time he (Mr. Xu) oral medicines list, the fast ah, suddenly want to think about which word is really difficult, sometimes use pinyin instead of the written again. He and I said several times, he didn’t slow down.

and, it’s really hard to write some words of Chinese medicine, I am not a medical professional graduates, fill out a form each time with a mobile phone to check it again.

I know in my heart, xu has been pretty good to me, but it is too heavy for the penalty. A monthly wages 23000, 200 dollars isn’t really a lot of money. Without friends, I at ordinary times a day living expenses are more than 30, 200 yuan can deliver two months phone bill?

xu boss said

write wrong character is wrong, let alone a medicine name

xu boss with a beer belly, black-rimmed glasses. He graduated from Yu Jinhua colleage in1992.and early to work in the pharmacy, then starting my own business, opened a small pharmaceutical company.

he admits his cultural level is not high, but is keen to pick the wrong character. CCTV’s Chinese dictation after the competition starts, in addition to business, he must see in each period.

we do medicinal materials, with each incoming shipments to write list, if write wrong medicines not professional. I do not have a high level of culture, but when I read, Chinese herbal medicine name I didn’t write a miss.

in the past, I often find that wang and other employees will write wrong character, but didn’t specifically stated. Since the dictation contest of Chinese characters, I feel in my heart, the Chinese text to live on and is everyone’s responsibility.

don’t you feel my this airy, think I’m funny, I was thinking.

on Tuesday after fine, attitude is wrong, I think wang to call all these days. I’ve been pretty value, he scolded him rarely in peacetime work, such a punishment, he was certainly will. Before a child is punished, we work, the teacher said what is what, which dare to put face?

however, such a penalty, the result came out. All the handwriting clear stock shipment list these days than ever before and relaxed, wrong character. I wanted to think, the fine, really heavy, I will consider in other ways.

lawyers claim

write wrong 4 words fined 200 yuan, the heavy not heavy punishment

fine about this matter, reporters natural not to meddle in other people of the company’s internal management, but from a legal perspective, and asked the lawyer.

& other; If employees work there is a large fault, the company employees on some financial penalty is reasonable, but because of China’s current staff rewards and punishment regulations have failed and therefore illegal or there is a big controversy. Throughout the &; This is the middle of zhejiang lawyer at Chen Shan give reply.


it seems that wang & other; Money & throughout; Can only be forfeit.