Philip roth: sitting in a master of the readers face?

the graph is the great writer Philip & middot; Ross

our reporter free with report Three people at this year’s man booker international jury member Carmen & middot; Ms chakib khelil, although Chinese writer wang anyi’s little-known in the west, but far better than respected American great writer Philip & middot; Ross. And after the two male colleagues expressed different opinions, anger, lady has made the move shocked the world: off the table, the pile carrying pole with its load, left, at the same time will divisions, as he rose.

& other; He once again and again to get the same theme, almost every book. It was like he was sitting on your face, take your breath away. Throughout the &; Card, says ms & other; I didn’t take him as a writer. I already know what you will not let him the intern, so I’m surprised that he can stay down. I don’t appreciate his a & ndash; & ndash; Others are both good. Throughout the &;

on the shortlist released at the end of march, there are 13 countries author, Ross, wang anyi, and another Chinese writer Su Tongjie among them. Carmen & middot; Chakib khelil & ndash; & ndash; From the writer and publisher & ndash; & ndash; Personally recommend for wang anyi wrote, praised wang & other; Family on the surface, but has its own magic and warm novelist in which power & throughout; And, & other; Wang anyi’s irony, her bold exploration for sex, most clearly proved that there are many ways & throughout; To challenge the breath system.

on May 18, 2011 man booker international jury decisions will be worth £ 60000 (RMB 630000) prize awarded to Ross. Ms chakib khelil immediately announced his retirement from the jury. On May 21, her writing in the guardian, point to the jury in the two colleagues, accused the man booker international no international vision, only see with English North America & ndash; & ndash; Two years ago, a man booker international awards went to Canada’s short story writer Alice & middot; Monroe.

chakib khelil said she wished, writer also believes that English readers need to accept other languages, because English translation into the world of writers were less than any other language. But it has nothing to do with nationality, she also statement because you can’t the writer group formation and like to play the World Cup competition. Primary standards or the quality of the writer, the work itself, and its effects on the rest of the world.

this is a much of the season. Chakib khelil force devaluation of Ross is prince William married, bin laden’s death, and surrounded by strauss – kahn sexual abuse, is still stirred up. Because Ross your countless except for the older generation of writer and Nobel Prize winner, in vonnegut, mailer and updike, after the death of the three representative has become the highest representative of American literature, American literature is also taking’s best hope of Nobel gold MEDALS for the first time in 18 years. But the people of the United States have no friends, no issue & other Who opposed to Ross, whose head is broken & throughout; Anger, interrogates through ms through nameless chakib khelil, spread the voice of the echo from inside the fort. The American writer, nice & middot; On May 20, Mr Varney published stories in the huffington post, said unequivocally chakib khelil said of good, because & other; American literature self sealing, Ross don’t deserve booker throughout the international &; .

& other; We have a number of common seriously overrated & lsquo; Literary & rsquo; & ndash; & ndash; Ross, updike, delillo, pynchon, all is eternal myth Nobel Prize competition, but not to share the rest of the world. Throughout the &; Mr Varney, wrote these American writer is too the United States, complacent and do not care about the world, just like a few years ago the Swedish academy Chang Bi Horace & middot; Edna’s public criticism of American literature.

artificial rose resisted in the UK. Literary critic Jonathan & middot; Jones May 19 by the guardian to retort chakib khelil, said she told Ross & other; Again and again to get the same theme throughout the &; Criticism of wrong, but that’s exactly what & other; A kind of memory and imagination throughout special landscape &; Only to the same place is full of enthusiasm, novelist and personal concerns, can return. This is neither chakib khelil drab and depressing, is not a novelist’s dry or limitations, and it is a real and a serious novelist’s skill, Ross’s world of full, as hardy’s wessex or Jane & middot; Austin’s bath. & other; What a surprise, someone claims that focused on literature, but is not Philip & middot; Ross are the real masters, the actual situation is like that. Throughout the &; Jones said.