Photographer photographed bubble unidentified object UFO night’s visit to the earth? (FIG.)

online @ I_am Ma Jin captured light group in Beijing, the photographer is national astronomical observatory, Chinese academy of sciences, engineer

UFO night on earth, real or fake?

the white light? Huge bubbles? On Saturday evening at around 9, how fly via Shanghai flight crew said witness air singularity unknown light group; At the same time, in Beijing suburb’s stargazing activities, several senior astronomer witness and taken to the bubble unidentified object; In sina weibo and baidu post bar, UFO (UFO abbreviations) once again become a popular vocabulary, there are reports from Inner Mongolia, shanxi, almost at the same time the observed similar lights. Expand, mobile and bleak speed is very fast, this is a common description of the UFO netizens.

this time, UFO’s true nature is likely to be? The reporter interviewed the Beijing UFO research association directors, senior UFO researchers ZhangYunHua UFO research center in Shanghai.

unknown light group Miles away at the same time witnessed

why are thousands of miles apart, but it can be in the same period witnessed the same unknown light group? ZhangYunHua explained that because the unknown light itself is located in the hundreds or even thousands of kilometers of high altitude. According to the present, the presence of unknown light group airspace is far away from Shanghai, higher witnesses for observing the relative position of the unit (meters), plus the light reflection, so to be able to see.

from the basic features of the unknown light group appear, not for the first time, a similar event has appeared several times in the country. The earliest north the day light phenomenon together, took place in June 18, 1982. 22 PM that day, rising in the northern horizon a star & other; Bright stars & throughout; The rotation, it, into a small orange light. At 22 at 08, the mutation into a dazzling white light, and more and more big. 25 points to 22, almost filled the whole sky, disappear until 23 PM. Heilongjiang, Inner Mongolia, jilin, liaoning, shandong, jiangsu and anhui and other places all have seen, there are sightings of military aircraft navigation pilot in the air.

the latest north day light appeared in the August 28, 2002, 21, before and after China’s Inner Mongolia, shanxi, shaanxi, gansu, sichuan, henan, hebei, shandong, anhui, etc in the night sky witnessed a round, and constantly expand the unknown light group.

possible aircraft thrust caused by uneven

ZhangYunHua says, researcher at the purple mountain observatory Liu Yan made in-depth study this phenomenon, he thinks, similar events are most likely to aircraft is in the midst of the flame status of booster rockets, or thrust produced by the unbalance phenomenon. Light ring by emitting group is constantly expanding, but also to hundreds of kilometers of, so it can be to gas. The gaseous material also can only be made in the center of the ring spot place, and this window should also is some of our artificial aircraft. Aura air mass of shining is due to reflect the sun’s light, so white.

unlikely alien visit

so, UFO is caused by the legendary alien flying saucer visit? ZhangYunHua think highly unlikely. Since the occurrence of similar phenomena is probably the biggest aircraft failure cause, is an alien spacecraft’s going to be once every few years by space experts as & other; Out of control & throughout; , and in the ordinary people seems extremely dangerous & other Performance & throughout; Or & other; Throughout the test &; ? Logic seems to be.

ZhangYunHua admitted that China’s UFO exploration has more than 30 years, however, UFO exactly what is still a mystery. If there are aliens, they will send aircraft? To explore the universe even if they did, whether the Milky Way, until you come to earth in the solar system? For the UFO phenomena, human should keep common heart. After all, so far, it has not affected the human life.