Photographers have lei feng’s classic according to process: patience Face of hand of frozen red

lei feng

in LeiFengLiu world of many of the photos have a lei feng wearing berets, holds the classic image of the steel, was widely use propaganda national newspapers and became a household name. Last year, I in the Chinese culture promotion association, vice President of lei feng, China welfare foundation study lei feng, deputy director of the fund, the national level writer east China party understands, when this picture was he in the northeast militia magazine as a reporter, he also was a shenyang daily reporter. In 1958, he transferred to the shenyang military region political department of the northeast militia magazine editors and reporters. Gathers came to shenyang daily in 1976, has served as deputy director of the editor-in-chief, director for agricultural goods. In 1978, transferred to the liaoning studios, at the end of 1990.

he is the first time in the winter of 1961 to see lei feng, the shenyang military area command active study chairman MAO’s works meeting, also come to lei feng, the editorial decided to invite lei feng to write an article, shooting a photo of lei feng as cover, to Zhou Junlai to complete this task. After he finished his introduction, will tell the intention of the newsroom to lei feng. Lei feng said: a la hora & other; I must finish the task, write well please modify. Throughout the &; The next day, lei feng will keep came to shenyang military region political department of the hospital, he put him to meet to the newsroom. Lei feng’s pass the written copy editor, repeatedly said: & other; Please have a look, also don’t know way? Throughout the &;

then, he took lei feng to the political department of the hospital, ready to take a picture. Lei feng heard to take photos, check, immediately. He found that the dark and cold regions with shear LeiFengDai bonnet, and creation intention not harmonious, as if washed many times, and a small point, don’t look the atmosphere. Editorial Li Kuigen hurried to his fur hat, to change, lei feng results proper proportions, the expected effect.

it is very cold at that time, many times in a hat, without wearing gloves, lei feng has been closely cooperate with patience, hands and face red with cold, still with his shooting over and over again. In order to highlight the image of lei feng, he adopted a modest shoot Angle, took this photo of cheung.

(shein-chung chow finishing)