Popular fiction “older couple” : launch debut at the age of 60

Japanese fiction recently emerged one batch & other; Late to open new & throughout; , they just released her debut at the age of 60, round writers dream of its own. Media said, with rich social experience and the reading quantity, these=new works to the depression of the publishing industry has brought fresh stimulus, become a scenery line of new literary world.

73 – year – old & other; The young writer & throughout; More JiGuang published in March this year the first “ramen” of god, it’s a hilarious purveyor of short stories, using brush strokes to depict the easy from the crack producing humor in everyday life world. Famous writer dao field high reflection, said: o & other; If you don’t know the author’s age, you will marvel at now and so energetic literature youth! Throughout the &;

more JiGuang after graduated from waseda university, working in a comprehensive chemical company, also once a day the President of the joint venture. He reads in the age of the students is very love mishima, dune, kafka, etc. The works by masters in literature, but in the company for 40 years, a rapid economic growth of typical workaholic, let alone write novels, even the time of reading is little. Until after the 67 – year – old retired, he renewed dreams of novel writing.

more JiGuang said he in the cultural center of learning, creating the lecture the lecturer, the original article novel fashion magazine editor of the school has just discovered his literary talent, elaborate works for him. More JiGuang said “god ramen” everywhere with his white collar in the era of real life experience, and other At that time, drinking with foreigners often say some mood jokes, I’ll feel interesting things down, but now they become wulitou novel material. Throughout the &;

the sankei analysis think, now entering the retirement age & other Mass generation & throughout; (refers to Japan’s postwar population of the first birth peak people born between 1947 and 1949) has risen to ten thousand 7800, they definitely is the major force of reading. And Japan’s annual sales amount of books compared to the highest peak in 1996, has been greatly reduced by about 25%, in such a bad background, foster can attract reader mass generation & other Late to open new & throughout; Article is timely, as the school has just said, let this attractive piece & other Large field & throughout; Dormant too bad all the time.

by Japanese & other; The god of the mystery novels & throughout; Island grange division, kodansha, since last year the implementation & other In this case reasoning & lsquo; Veteran new & rsquo; Excavation plan & throughout; To found buried into the leisure life of mass generation of writing ability, to apply the author’s age limit for over 60 years old. Depicting the candid event reasoning novel short skirt girl “emerge from 217 the entries to win awards, author kato is male, 61, runs a kimono shop, originally wanted to become a cartoonist, he said: & other; 50 after it became clear that the novel will show my heart more than cartoons, but it’s not too late to find your self. Throughout the &;

kodansha, hosted by the portraits of the couple prize Ceng Peiyu lead times haruki murakami and the ethos of author, the recent award will also be looked & other; Late to open new & throughout; , was awarded a prize of excellent works of fiction of yamazaki and male is 74 years old, he said with a smile: & other; On the podium I think standing in the wrong place. Nephew asked me, you this age literature new artist, still happy rise? Throughout the &;

at the beginning of the year with a historical novel “cicada” night won the 146th straight wood prize leaves room ‘is also a=& other; Late to open new & throughout; He was born in fukuoka, a 61 – year – old county Kitakyushu city, a former local newspaper reporter, the year lead half hundred to creative activities. By his great work is to become Japan’s major events in the publishing world writer numata true sail incense was born in 1948, at a young age become a housewife, get married after the divorce as a nun, run construction consulting company, with & other; Different color & throughout; Experience. 57 years old when she began to write novels if September will never end, never thought a star. His new book “the heart” lily could become big serval spring after his prize, the prize of the judges in this wild min pointed out that for creation, age will only cause of the decline of the strength, good or bad has nothing to do with understanding.