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museum director yi people. In October this year will be filled with 65 – year – old Palace Museum director zheng xinmiao, director of state administration of cultural heritage ChanJi cheung took over as dean. Vice minister of culture excitation small jie took ChanJi cheung become a new director of state administration of cultural heritage. Last night, the ministry of culture web site, the excited little and ChanJi cheung has changed. (according to the Beijing morning paper news)

learn city planning ChanJi cheung, a job in 1971, 1992 and 1994, President of Beijing urban planning bureau deputy director, after successive administration bureau of Beijing municipal party secretary, director, well district party committee secretary, party secretary, director of the Beijing planning committee. Trained, city planning and cultural relics, the planning department office experience, let ChanJi xiang the protection of cultural heritage has a more profound understanding.

in August 2002, ChanJi xiang as the state administration of cultural heritage party secretary, director. During his tenure, he focus on promoting big site protection; For 10 years, the national more than 2600 cultural relics collection units nearly 10, wenbo workers participate in the state-owned collections of rare and precious cultural relics the successful completion of the database management system construction; The national more than 1.66 million state-owned collections and precious cultural relics farewell paper card written login, realize digital management; After five years, the largest in the history of cultural heritage resources survey work together & ndash; & ndash; The successful completion of the third national cultural relics census.

these work behind success, is ChanJi cheung & other; A workaholic & throughout; In the image.

famous cultural relics experts Xie Chen evaluate ChanJi cheung is two words: to keep government functionaries honest and industrious. & other; Like this cadre, now is too small. Throughout the &; Xie Chen born said, ChanJi xiang has almost no time to rest, holidays also examine cultural heritage all over the country.

close ChanJi cheung said, some local officials want to the director & other; Nice & throughout; End, tend to send some gift, to this, ChanJi xiang has his own way: he put the key to the trunk tightly grasp in the hand, who don’t also want to plug in.

after the wenchuan earthquake, ChanJi xiang is one of the first group of people rushed to the disaster area. At the time of some cultural relics were damaged, ChanJi xiang led to a line of investigation. Aftershocks were very severe, who also don’t know the second disaster will happen. In order to investigate qiang diaolou damage, ChanJi cheung not be persuaded, one by one in, where there is a crack, where there is any breakage, just look at a time to stop. Entourage quietly he & other; Too hard & throughout; .

ChanJi xiang presided over ten years, from the state administration of cultural heritage is the acute period of bump work throughout the country is facing unprecedented challenges, his & other; Enthusiasm & throughout; With stick, big development period of the construction of the two phase collision, this is his helpless. In the recently held in the third national cultural relics census data conference, a reporter noted that compared with the last census, the national total of more than 40000 immobile cultural relics disappeared. , next to the staff is answered ChanJi cheung took the microphone, to continue to supplement: & other; Cultural relics protection work is now in the most urgent and critical period, especially the accelerating urbanization process will cause damage to the immobile cultural relics. Throughout the &; Will, he says it’s a good question.

& other; No shelves & throughout; Officials

feet is suitable for the field archaeological investigation of the old Beijing cloth shoes, language rare & other; The official body & throughout; Marks, plump body and gentle character, make the provincial officials seem a bit & other; Soil & throughout; . The first impression that gives a person the same with him, a lot of people who familiar with him, said ChanJi xiang character is same in official & other Alternative & throughout; .

& other; No shelves & throughout; Is the first word. A interviewed ChanJi xiang reporter recalled for many times, at the annual national & other; The two sessions & throughout; Venue, he is one of the most affinity member, he would be keen to press into the room, please, to ask questions to know everything, can, will open a computer, enthusiastically help reporters copied material.

in the eyes of colleagues, ChanJi xiang no & other; Officials level & throughout; Concept, as long as he know where there are cultural relics damaged, will be directly to find related officials, regardless of the level, the trouble to go to reason and fact.

is this & other; No shelves & throughout; , stunning comments on several occasions, hasbegun speaking out. In the national & other; The two sessions & throughout; His proposal is always caught the attention of the media. & other; The United Nations agencies inquiry the palace to protect & throughout; & other; Suggest the palace & lsquo; Each guest & rsquo; Throughout the &; , ChanJi cheung always with & other; Dare say & throughout; Is famous. Beijing liang sicheng, Lin huiyin’s former residence in danger of demolition, ChanJi xiang saw after media reports, firmly stand with protection. With the support of his, the media play the proper role of supervision by public opinion, Liang Lin’s former residence is preserved.