Professor wu: to explore the perspective of culture and art exchange public diplomacy

KeYinBin dialogue wu

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as the limits of the culture and art exchange more out of the border, and gives a special mission & ndash; & ndash; The function of public diplomacy. The communication not only can improve the cognitive level of the international society for Chinese art, can also spread behind the art contain philosophy and cultural values. Today we had the opportunity to interview with the international famous sculptor, Chinese art research institute, director of the institute of fine arts, Chinese sculpture court President Mr Wu, listen carefully to him for international culture and art exchange views in terms of public diplomacy.

art is a bridge of communication

KeYinBin: professor wu, hello! Welcome to accept public diplomacy quarterly interview! Thank you very much! Artistic and cultural exchange is the important content of public diplomacy, and compared with the media, multinational enterprises and other subject, art and culture communication in public diplomacy has a unique advantage. Workers as an art, a sculpture, do you often go abroad exhibition or held personal exhibition in a foreign country, you these actions to promote the Chinese cultural exchange with the world, are driving the spread of Chinese culture in the world, you are really engaged in public diplomacy, aware of this before you?

wu: at the beginning go abroad, just art for art’s sake, rarely has the aspect of thinking. I accepted your interview today, but also for your theme perspective is very unique & ndash; & ndash; From the perspective of public diplomacy international cultural art exchange. In fact, the reason why I have today’s artistic achievement, on the one hand is due to my personal endowment, hard work, study, on the other hand, we meet the great era of reform and opening up, I had the opportunity to go abroad for cultural exchanges, to find the coordinates in the current world culture. I began to realize the importance of international communication is in 1996, when it is my honor to attend & other; In red, white and blue art project & throughout; Research, the project is in charge of a project presided by friendship association, is in the charge between artists to build a platform to communicate, in the whole of China and selecting two Chinese artists, and I was the one of the two. As luck would have it, that’s the Dutch people loved the queen beatrix please statue for themselves, this is a very high artistic accomplishment of the queen, and his master of sculpture. Of course, she is also very high to the requirement of art, she once for some artists for their plastic like not satisfied, said & other; Throughout this statue like more like my sister &; . In view of this, I, a statue of the artist to the queen of the east, the pressure is big. Pressure also comes from the Dutch media reports, at first the statue has had a great influence in the Netherlands. Fortunately, the queen after finish my work, was pleased with the statue, immediately my reputation in the Netherlands. Walking in the street of the Netherlands, even there are a lot of strangers came to my respect, I think it is not just for my art, but also respect for Chinese culture! When the queen’s visit to China in 1999 also specially requirement in China to meet with me, and visited my sculpture exhibition, she took my sculpture “sleeping boy”, said: after “spring breeze” & other; Mr Wu through shaping children, found and sublimate the child sex, embodies the human of his childhood to a true feelings. Throughout the &; She looked at me, said: “qi” and so on works & other; Wu plastic by the old man from five thousand years of Chinese culture inside out & throughout; .

now recall the experience carefully, and look at the subject of our conversation today, did find correlation between artistic and cultural exchange and public diplomacy. Through art exchange to improve Chinese art influence abroad. International arts exchange generally will be widely reported by the media, as a result, the propagation force produced by it are clear.

KeYinBin: so, have you ever been to a lot of famous people, is one part of China’s cultural celebrities, and part of the international political figures, such as former US President George w. bush and former Philippine President gloria macapagal arroyo, the political character of media attention rate is very high, it will no doubt accelerate the spread of Chinese culture and improve the world’s perception of the Chinese culture and raise the centripetal force of the Chinese culture, promote China’s soft power. By the way, when doing the preparatory work, I noticed that you have a good relationship with South Korea, South Korea also specially for you built a sculpture park. You can put your things with South Korea have a conversation with us?

wu: ok. I really a lot of stories with South Korea, educational, cultural relations with South Korea is also very kind. In 2007, the Korean yan chai university awarded the honorary doctorate in philosophy, I my works have been translated into Korean, also become South Korea’s best seller; I often invited to lecture in Korea, South Korea has a lot of Chinese culture has a strong interest and have certain research, they very love for my art.

in addition, yan chai university has built a sculpture park, and named by my name. Not only in the park with South Korea to heal the wounded and rescue the dying of the doctors and the statue of democracy activists, there are also “Confucius”, “Lao zi” and so on Chinese ancient sages. Think of China’s cultural celebrities in South Korea’s land, and it is permanently standing there, on the one hand, reflects the Chinese and Korean culture origin, Chinese culture is the source of Korean culture is to flow; On the other hand also continued to play for the Chinese culture’s influence in South Korea set up a & other; The lighthouse & throughout; , the south Korean people just to worship their sages, the gameshow will be in contact with the neighbours, ancient Chinese philosophers and even South Korea’s statue of sages, is sending out the Chinese culture in its artistic breath. This is a lot of time to communicate. Beauty has convergence, has universality, human understanding of beauty is mutually. As a carrier of beauty, art is a kind of silent language, regardless of language, it can go beyond the limitations of time and space. Art is a communication of the mind and the emotion jinqiao.

KeYinBin: indeed, the art has such unique communication advantage. Wen-zhang wang, vice-minister of national culture on the south Korean university of yan chai wu that appraise the sculpture park: the culture of Chinese contemporary art sculpture park makes Korean friends sculpture have more intuitive and emotional understanding; This is the cultural exchanges between the two countries, wu makes Chinese traditional Confucianism thought with the south Korean national spirit culture through sculpture art to dialogue in the specific time and space, meaningful, it will further enhance the friendship between the two peoples.

wu: yes, this is no strong political flavor of the charm of art, the friendship will surpass other factors and the increasingly long and long.