Public exposure of the republic of China era elementary school graduation certificate on chairman MAO’s head (FIG.)


the appended drawings is one of my primary school grade four graduation certificate, issued by s is thirty-eight years of the republic of China on January 5th. New China had not yet been established, the huai hai campaign peace Zimbabwe campaign is underway. My hometown is in heilongjiang province zhaoyuan country already liberated, so this certificate with chairman MAO’s portrait.

longjiang county belonged to nenjiang province where I was born. I graduated from zhaoyuan country called Guo Er HouQi Ross (hereinafter referred to as guo HouQi). When I place the number of rural primary school students all, about 50 points, four grade, and only two students in grade 4. I was one of them. Because of my good grades, lower primary school after graduation directly to township elementary school sixth grade, at the age of 11 years old, a total of eight students in the class.

I was just lucky in my life, a year on public elementary school at the age of eight, because Japan occupied the northeast, shuddering, father caught a labor, so only a year to go to school. Later my brother gave me to read the school six months, the land reform of hometown in 1946, I give teams an account, I have been set aside for poor peasants, 7 acres of land, in addition to the school I also farming.

in 1950, the teacher led us eight students to county middle school examination, admitted to read junior high school, graduating in 1953, was admitted due to poor power school tuition is in northeast of China. Was sent to tsinghua university, graduating in 1956, the study work in tsinghua has 57 years so far. 76 – year – old retired more than ten years, family life and body are good.

I can have today, from a poor rural poor children grow into national universities teachers, have a good treatment and comfortable life, this is thanks to the party and the government. I’m still in work, as a technology magazine editor, use for the society.

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