Qi baishi died 9 big disciple Xu Linlu had refused to master the reclusive writing life

1916.10 2011.8.9 Xu Linlu shandong penglai people

qi baishi disciple, & other The traditional Chinese painting great saphenous & throughout; ,

died in Beijing on August 9, 2011, 95 – year – old

the late Xu Linlu seclusion in Beijing shunyi south volume village a big yard surrounded by high walls. The yard beside the greenhouse is full of bamboos, put up shelves, spring morning glory ear, autumn will hang the gourd and pumpkin. The elderly daily will and his wife hand in hand for a walk in the garden, and may often sets in the front seat watching the sunset.

until old, Xu Linlu are clearly remember the first time I saw qi baishi painting. At that time, the master Xu Linlu is flour machine factory, has no interest in doing business, always a word HuaDian see drawing of the main street in tianjin. On one occasion, he was surprised to see a very exaggerated picture, a crow is greater than the true crow stands on the watermelon. He was told, this is Beijing qi baishi xieyi painting.

in Beijing HuaDian Xu Linlu met qi baishi apprentice flavor, at that time, the hardships of life flavor have to pull a rickshaw to make a living, for the common interest, are 17 years apart two people knot in order to best friend who never turns his back upon us. In 1945, the flavor is introduced, Xu Linlu formal worship, 29, 83 – year – old qi baishi for the teacher.

since then, Xu Linlu with white stone old man side 14 years, are exposed to learn the essence of the old painting. It is said that at that time, the home is a basin live shrimp, white stone old man to observe the palpus of shrimp, shrimp legs, Xu Linlu see teacher which pen to draw first, after which pen painting. So copy, unexpectedly let a person think of his work is a white stone old man reproductions, this let Xu Linlu flattered. At this time, qi baishi scold him: & other; Learn me, like I die! Throughout the &;

this words like sobering wake Xu Linlu, he realized, followed by qi baishi painting, it is important to learn about things meticulous observation and vivid expression. Xu Linlu ever follow the master discipline, & other; Through the door and found a door & throughout; , the study of xu wei, Zhu Da, fostered numerous eminent people like wu changshuo all ink, eclecticism, form their own grammar characteristics and ink painting. Qi baishi painting, such as writing of nationalities, of primitive simplicity is dignified. Xu Linlu in the opposite direction to the unconstrained cursive script writing style show, formed his unique spring wind.

white stone old man in his late years to abstract from the freehand brushwork in traditional Chinese painting, someone said he confused old paintings. But the Xu Linlu said: teacher, your painting reform. Feeling in the runner, the old man in his late years has distinctions poetry: rev. To the person, ‘the company also.

in the 1950 s, Xu Linlu with qi baishi, xu beihong and others support, selling flour mills, opened & other; Peace HuaDian & throughout; , show his collection to give. Qi baishi every week to HuaDian in personally, also wrote & other; Peace HuaDian & throughout; The plaques. Less than 40 square meters HuaDian, at the time the city become famous carnival. Some painters from the town, such as Zhou Huaimin, yaming, Song Wenzhi, Liu Yanshao, developmental, etc., but also often eat live in his home. And he himself has never been a qualified businessman, HuaDian often in order to support their impoverished painter and love people, buying high and selling low, at a loss.

after the public-private partnerships, Xu Linlu HuaDian to the country, into a: rongbaozhai work. & other; The cultural revolution & throughout; Period, he was sent to hubei xianning Hu Guwan, live in the bullpen, vegetables put duck, fish and shrimp wine, only humming, also enjoy. Wait to convey the spirit can draw that, for many years didn’t write Xu Linlu painted on the big board in the kitchen, a few pen, draw two live fish. From now on daily return is laid paper and pencil, work up on the wall all admire myself.

then prime minister, he paint for Beijing hotel. However, his “lotus mandarin fish” was said to be promote hole middle & other; Harmony & throughout; 1 cabbages, four persimmon referred to as “iv innocence” to & other; A binding & throughout; Metaphor for their situation, at the risk of political satire, on the 1974 & other; Black painting exhibition & throughout; . Later recalled at this point, the cool Xu Linlu just said: & other; If a man does not suffer, no depth, no heroism, suffering is the painter’s friends and teachers. Throughout the &;

Xu Linlu in seclusion, refused to a master, hidden & other; ZhuXiao lent & throughout; Sunk in the pens, the flowers and birds painter, calligrapher and ancient and modern calligraphy and painting connoisseur is known as the city’s & other; The traditional Chinese painting great saphenous & throughout; .

last September, Xu Linlu academies in Beijing art museum exhibition held JiuXun new life “, “freehand brushwork in traditional Chinese painting, premier wen jiabao also sent a letter to congratulate. Mr Huang yongyu once commented, Xu Linlu life content, and that is not showing off, with overflow, generous, honest, know the discretion, strict integrity. His experience, communication, knowledge, accomplishment, moral concept, eat and drink root, wife and children, like a big book culture, is very rich and colorful. Wen/Zhu Jie tree