Qi baishi poem unknown Once the self-assessment “my first draw the fourth poetry” (figure)

the whole world know qi baishi’s painting, qi baishi’s poem is good, and I do not know this is because the title of qi baishi is too loud, figured outweighed the poem. In fact,. According to qi baishi himself: & other; My poem first, second, third, fourth. Throughout the &;

this is qi baishi false said, but a fact.

expand their horizons, to write a poem to lay a solid foundation of

qi baishi’s poem was written well, this is by no means accidental, because he had had some kind of effort in writing poetry. Qi baishi, 8 follow grandpa into poor elements, grandpa in addition to teaching him “embedded” “of”, also teach him to learn “thousands of poems”. Qi baishi is interested in the thousands of poems, and each can be a poem back know, master chanting, in the mouth, it’s a & other; Poem fans & throughout; .

qi baishi met xiangtan Hu Qinyuan to celebrities, Chen Shaofan at the age of 27, he with Chen Xueshi, with hu painting. Alignment, said Chen you read “started the first”. As the saying goes, reading will be started first, not poetry will sing. You drill down, you will be successful. Hu said alignment, light painting, not poetry, it is a blemish. And he said, is the soul of poetry, poetry is the god of painting, the two complement each other.

qi baishi after read “started the first”, and read up on the “strange stories” hanshu “shiji” and other books, also acquainted with eight people of tang and song dynasty prose. Thus open the qi baishi write poetry field of vision, and write a poem for him has laid a solid foundation.

qi baishi after a phase of reading learning poems, in order to test his learning achievement of the poem, Hu Qinyuan gather friends, composing poetry, t. Qi baishi in a poem “of peony” two words say:

Peony according to

don’t admire wealth, all lose pear orange for more food.

these two poem to Hu Qinyuan teacher sit up and take notice, praise, said: & other; The two poem not only means good, 13 tan the f word rhyme of well. Throughout the &;

in order to further improve their ability to write poems, qi baishi in his hometown of formed a & other; Yongsan poetry club & throughout; , often called to discuss the book of songs, the poems in tang and song dynasty, discuss the evolution of the development, the length of the famous poem, which deals with poetry and life, and society, the relationship with other art.

qi baishi in & other; Yongsan poetry club & throughout; More than a year’s time, reading poetry, poetry was more than a few hundred first. Knowledge comes from practice, his poems more write more refined, and gradually mastered the trick of poetry writing.

a wide range of qi baishi wrote poetry, has written the family love, have to write the plants and trees, have write insects, fish, birds and beasts have written in government, and so on. Qi baishi of poetry are sacrifice, vernacular poetry, politics three, but is given priority to with vernacular poetry.