“Qianlong jade” repeated millions, and the price is addicted to change the system of jade jade emperor pattern (figure)

qianlong jade take if fangxian

qianlong jade spread wealth lad

the Chinese nation has a long history with the jade and jade history. Cut the size of the jade in the qing dynasty, the production, kinds, is unprecedented in the history of Chinese ancient jade carving. The process level set all previous dynasties, presented a last made of jade in ancient China, the most representative of its artistic achievement is & other; Jade & throughout; . Recently, the author came to chaotian palace on the second floor of the antique market & other God save the cabinet & throughout; Gao, lovers Mr Khoo was introduced in detail to us & other; Qianlong jade & throughout; All men are mortal.

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for sale for more & other; Qianlong jade & throughout;

on November 28, 2006, Christie’s auction in Hong Kong qing qianlong jade LuHe live with spring ears ring bottle, integrating auspicious decoration, the unit price of 11.32 million Hong Kong dollars. Mr Qiu said that the current jade market & other; Qianlong jade & throughout; Jade auction record, was a great king, are mostly by & other; Qianlong jade & throughout; To create. It is understood that the qianlong emperor according to the preference for the ancient collectables – autograph is recorded. Its taste for jade fully embodies in his & other; Royal sense & throughout; In the. Later generations, the study found the qianlong chant jade number up to more than eight hundred first, is unprecedented, after, qianlong love jade, can be seen. Because of jade emperor qianlong chi love, make & other; Qianlong jade & throughout; Made more delicate and perfect, wonderful artical excelling nature. In a sense, because the be fond of of the emperor qianlong period, rich raw materials and technology progress, made by the rapid development of the jade palace, not only a large number of sacrificial vessel, also made a huge volume, complex carve of yushan, promoted the development of Chinese cut at the beginning of the qing dynasty jade.

qianlong jade with its superb technology won the applause of the world first-class on carving techniques. I see at the scene, qianlong carved jade body length ratio of harmony, the lad facial structure and rich expressions, looks like the real person, not other than flat face, little overlap folding, have stereo feeling, unlike former generation and then only in Yin line carved, jade surface polishing the gentle, few of manufactured goods.

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& other; Qianlong jade & throughout; Repeated, and the price is a reason why

& other; Qianlong jade in the artistic conception of scene image. Throughout the &; Mr Qiu shows a take if fangxian jade brand. Carved by the author see that positive images, the waves roll characters raft to swim on the blue sea, if the wave grain carving, there is no lack of in a static dynamic, lifelike, totally a fairy escape scene, artistic conception very elegant quiet, craft fine carving decorative design, style simple, xingshenjianbei. During the Ming and qing dynasties, fairy if included in the system of auspicious patterns, and the sea theme is similar, all were given a birthday, to the royal family, is one of the common themes in the arts and crafts, of clear acting palace carved immortal take if by this card, also have & other Smooth & throughout; & other; Advance & throughout; The auspicious implies.

high, says Mr & other; Qianlong jade & throughout; In each big pat on field at high prices, has its special historical environment factors. The stability of the political bureau of the qianlong period, national strength and prosperity, an unprecedented wealth accumulation for luxury provides sufficient conditions, exquisite works of art by the royal family’s hands. Inside the palace, after the court at that time, almost everywhere to see jade articles, palace as the largest jade collection. At the same time, the degree of heavy jade emperor qianlong let the jade model also had the very big change, gradually to the professional artist design drawing, artisans in accordance with the draft carve of specialization, scale of operation mode change,, yangzhou and other places have become known at the time cut jade.

this manuscript provided by chaotian palace antique market