Qianlong’s jade pig: the national Palace Museum half jade is his hidden (FIG.)

true when it comes to Chinese history of love jade, I’m afraid everyone is referred to the emperor. Although all previous dynasties imperial jade, for beauty, but really addicted to jade pig and enthusiasm when first emperor qianlong. The qianlong emperor of jade love, his contribution to the history of Chinese jade is also very big, jade museum collection more than thirty thousand, half of which was hidden by emperor qianlong.

qianlong jade carving art reached its peak when

jade, enjoys very high status in Chinese history. As early as the neolithic age (about 6000 BC & ndash; Late 5000, the year before have jade tools. By the development of jade jade tools to shells era has a large number of production into etiquette equipment and various accessories.

the ancient society, the jade is considered a guardian, wu yu’s god, and can be borne, on the ethnic group. Jade is the symbol of power, when the warring states “bian and mining jade wall, called & other; Choi, and throughout the &; By many dissenting Confucian carved ChengChuanGuo seal, after the loss in the war. Jade is rich in moral significance, Confucius said: & other; XiZhe, than the gay coat that makes the gentleman in the jade. Throughout the &; There old DE all take a peja jade, jade virtue to discipline yourself: a gentleman is the jade, jade is a gentleman. This custom continues today. After, on Monday, the warring states period of the late neolithic age to the han and the four times after the peak in the Ming dynasty, jade carving art in the qing dynasty qianlong period reached the peak.

qianlong I love jade pig, made of clear acting palace jade fine workmanship and shape of the number, with wide use, is can’t compare any dynasty in history. The jade is the crest for thousands of years of traditional system of jade. Such as the large jade son was born, based on landscape picture, purposive scene, conquer the giant material mark, became the prime symbol for the jade prosperity in qing dynasty. And as antique implements the emperor qianlong of the han nationality traditional culture more admire, is especially precious for ancient cultural relics, & other; Qianlong work & throughout; This represents the highest achievement in the development of the imitation jade. Under the advocacy of qianlong, the qing dynasty jade production reached a acme: both decorative and carver, bring together all the past dynasties jade, jade art and the traditional system developed to get incisively and vividly.

according to filings, qing qianlong 20 years to 24 years after two pacify frontier, xinjiang 2000 kg a year GongYuYun jingshi, build does and Sue, Yang two place to hotan YuCai widely used, with the jade in the palace of hetian jade has become the mainstream. Higher in the early qing dynasty, the south jade making skill and large processing jade to be shipped to the south, but in the late qing dynasty, famous artists, has become a national jade processing of old Beijing, the so-called & other; He that would the seiko, must will be Beijing work & throughout; .

the emperor and all the people play, jade from temple

the jade emperor qianlong’s love, physically. His whole life, problem of jade jade alone more than eight hundred. He personally organize collection and production of all kinds of jade, and not only in the house made jingshi set in yangxin does and the imperial palace best place, and he was also a high grade of ancient jade connoisseurs.

in the qing dynasty jade, whether lines or engraved look, all very fastidious, even implements bore is conscientious and meticulous, side or bottom of foot. The jade give a person a kind of harmonious development of aesthetic feeling. Appreciation of the qing dynasty jade, always give a person a kind of pure feeling, is infatuated, this is & other; Qianlong work & throughout; The charm. It will be the traditional Chinese jade from & other; Things god & throughout; And & other Card by fill throughout history &; Solemn ritual, into carved works of art, for the emperor and the people play together, make jade from temple to human, coruscate gives a warm, lovely affinity.

when he ascended the throne, emperor qianlong had just hard work. To emperor qianlong years ago, the qing dynasty reached its peak, economic prosperity, has problems we face, and qianlong to lie, like luxury goods, saved tens of thousands of pieces of ancient jade, in the palace illicit is close, nothing will go to the touch, enjoying, and give them catalog, selects the advantages and disadvantages, all day long. In his later years famine to why. Good and will be very close, the qing dynasty officials for good jade lay everywhere, the natural stimulated play jade culture. Old Peking man why so love to play jade? Is said to be emperor qian long. Although formed a profound cultural accumulation, drive the technological progress, but in general, do more harm than good.

actually not thin thick today the reign of qianlong. A lot of historical data show that not only did he personally for the ancient jades, but also imitate “archaeological figure” and “three li figure advocacy antique jade, with three generations of bronze yi device based on produced a large number of of primitive simplicity, lifelike deep classy. Jade emperor qianlong period, both in ooze color, disabled, old very the attention, the lack of even the ancient jade also give unconditionally to inherit.

a lifelong love treasure jade emperor also punch

the most interesting thing is, the son of heaven seems particularly fascinated by liangzhu jade. Existing two cong, wall, the Palace Museum in Taipei has recorded his excesses made mistake and anecdotes. One is will be a piece of liangzhu jade qianlong WuDuan for han yu. This piece of jade 28.2 cm in diameter, originally life of emperor temple in the display. The bluish white jade, above all covered with deep light depth ochre and discoloration, large weather-shack, circumference of a circle is not straight, and there are several cracks, apparently once the fire, the period of the liangzhu culture and may burn the custom of the table of the tomb. Qianlong call it & other; Diameter feet wall & throughout; , and on the ugly gu yu, has poured into nearly twenty years. He personally ordered under the wall between the cut of the jade seal article five parties. & other; Letter day master & throughout; Shows that its owner believe destiny. At the time of his seventieth birthdays, and can’t help on this piece of jade cut down & other S right & throughout; & other; Wufu five generations don s right & throughout; Two Fang Xi article. The years in a hurry, at the time of qianlong, eighty – year – old, is still on the jade play, and cut down the new seal on it, until the eighty-five – year – old abdication, on the last & other; Of the emperor’s father emperor treasure & throughout; These six words, the & other; Everything’s right & throughout; Just think of us politics!

another is a piece of jade cong, due to the western zhou dynasty, the production of jade cong has less, han dynasty almost unchanged. Even well informed of the qianlong emperor, what also don’t know it, incredibly will mistake it for the ancient people used to flattering chariot car or drum pressure shoulder of the objects, and openly call it in the drive makes the poem & other; Hard man to convince & throughout; . Because don’t understand grain structure, should according to direction on the small erect, unexpectedly, it as a rule, the upside down with copper bile wooden carved poems written, used when brush pot water storage. Now, this is a how of luxury and noble collectables – autograph.

qianlong royal title of the ancient jade

the qianlong emperor was collected by the palace of the former generation of ancient jade sense, remember, said in on both sides of the Palace Museum, there is a sense, as a record of ancient jade emperor qianlong.

jade engraved look GuWen & other; Changle & throughout; Wall: the eastern han dynasty, jade turquoise, hetian jade, there are red purple spots. Body oblate, upside has a profile, two sides the same grain. Vulture grain wall two lines, inside and outside the act the role of convex string lines for a week. The profile section in the middle of carve & other; Changle & throughout; The word, font and vigorous. The outer ring of sides to the spiral seal cutting the qianlong emperor royal acknowledged a.

jade YunLongWen furnace: song, furnace green jade. Round body, a tiny mouth, neck, abdomen, ring foot out, bilateral symmetry ACTS the role of animal heads swallowed. Connect body to & other; Work & throughout; Word lines for ground, act the role of flying, xiangyun and water lines. In the bottom intaglio qianlong each line.

play qianlong imperial jade to ward off bad luck: Taipei Palace Museum collection of jade to ward off bad luck. Drive makes the poem to ward off bad luck’s chest. Palace is equipped with double rosewood, top engraved with & other Qianlong imperial play & throughout; , the lower chest the same drive makes the poem inscribed and to ward off bad luck. To ward off bad luck, and god, his name for the imagination of mythical animal, just as its name implies.

this stimulation to a YuZhuo into the jade to ward off bad luck, with open mouth, appearance is special in growl. Because of the deep, ooze cooked dish once again even be dyeing, so the surface has more depth blotches. This is known as the han dynasty jade to ward off bad luck at present, the large one.

Jade imperial silkworm lines choi:

with the quality of the jade, with a rope is bounded, grain is divided into two areas: the area with act the role of silkworm lines, outer zone through dragon grain and his presence. On the side of intaglio regular script, emperor qianlong drive makes poetry: & other; Zhou feet more than feet, today also robbers today. Suet slightly Ci, jade leaf GuoSheng Lin. Sincere viscount, prince diffuse invasion. Cut each chapter, can know to the heart. Throughout the &; At the end of the agency & other Qianlong RenZi, royal & throughout; And will cut & other; Bede & throughout; , & other Green & throughout; Two single box seal character printing. RenZi for 57 years qing qianlong (1792).

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