Qin ancestors into a riddle History books written by political interference

2200 years ago, biomedical research not equal to the negative, is at least close to zero. Human discovery of DNA, at best, only more than fifty years time, used in paternity test is only recently. The ancients of the original method & ndash; & ndash; Blood endeavoured & ndash; & ndash; Its reliability is at most only reached 50%, in fact is self-deception.

we read history books, often thorny problem. Such as shiji provides an almost gossip version, there will be pregnant as queen dowager zhao & other Bait & throughout; To win makes, Zhao Jisheng ying zheng, the son of later became the first emperor of the emperor of qin and qin dynasty. So, the question becomes, if the father is lv buwei, that his ancestor Lv Shangcai should be right.

lv is who? In Chinese history, the man is a famous wise son tooth, said little. According to legend, until the end of the eighty – year – old, little to impress the goddess of fate, met are novel universal changes. Through the ages, the most performance art of fooling is this: big wise little use straighten the lure of the fishing Yu Weishui three years did not even catch a fish, and many see him out of the embarrassing fool so laugh off with dental caries, but little did eventually caught a & other; Jin Ao & throughout; & ndash; & ndash; A novel universal changes.

king wen of zhou and admiration of love, be full of curiosity to shore of WeiShui visit the wide Sang, kuo h, high zygomatic, the old man, the amount of lung after that talk, surprise is almost filled with tears, he said: & other; My ancestors. Early in the hope of you so that don’t come out of the talent! Throughout the &; As a result, the tooth and being addressed as & other; Squire at & throughout; . Is such a fool, old old man, with a collection of wisdom of the squire Yin operator, became a cult of Oriental wisdom, and make a perennial identified family (family) can also be called jiang have qi big government.

if the emperor qin shi huang is Qin Zhuangxiang Wang Ying makes (a chu), the son of (this possibility cannot be ruled out, after all, the rumors to avoid false), his ancestor is ZhuanXu, can be traced back to more distant s.

ZhuanXu is who? He is the sun of the yellow emperor xuanyuan first grandson. Services in Chinese have traditionally focused on repairing the family tree, but the initial spectrum is a unable to sort out, due to the lack of strong support for the official documents and yi ding real reliable, too history Mr Sima qian wrests discharge sequence are derived from the word of mouth of folk language, its accuracy? You use smart primal think about it, and great difference, anyway, believe it or not.

so patiently why searching, is almost a bit of conceptions of all ages.

if ying zheng ancestors according to the name of the second spectrum to thrive, just take out an ace, children will loads to laying, there is no any problem. But funny and suspicious, even bring about troubles in the middle.

there is a beautiful granddaughter named ZhuanXu convent, one day, she knitted fabric in our yard was happy, I suddenly heard fenice (black bird, its name is unknown) from low altitude, fan of wings rustling sound, looked up at her, I saw a bird eggs straight at her head sharply falling down, I do not know is that she didn’t eat breakfast, or terrified, or two of qi, in conclusion that eggs like harrier bombers cast precision-guided bombs, just fall in her open cherry small mouth. More as it is, therefore she conceived and gave birth to a white white fat son, named.

in ancient times, humans have not make hands fastened the ethics moral codes from the existential problems of the fence, unmarried pregnancy, out of an illegitimate child, is sexual function and improve the performance, is the joy, is comfortable pleasure, not a gross exposure may not vexed folly of light. Stubbornly wishful thinking, but serious later generations for ancestors with pieces of thick FIG leaf to cover the key part of spring leakage, racking their brains to write one way or the other myths, nonsense and talk in a dream to self-deception, the laws of nature, advocate natural ancestors will not take this feeling, willing to recognize this account, perhaps in the coffin at?

will be closer to wider use of history, the emperor gaozu is he makes love to her mother and the people in the fields, too history Mr Inconvenience ‘protestations, had to pretend to be those false nonsense was turned over, in the historical records & middot; high-impedance biographic sketches of “the beginning of, his pen ink contained a dance song red dragon to liu mother womb sow a dragon seed grain of stump. This kind of magic realism literary brushwork make many future generations laughed off with yellow die, then can only flow juice.

the convent to devour the unknown fenice eggs and pregnancy signs are not isolated cases, it and the western Catholic tradition god the Lord into a dove impregnated the virgin Mary, and the ancient Greek mythology, Zeus turned into a swan impregnated virgin lida, have the same effect, is that & other; Bird & throughout; Make things. But who didn’t make it clear to the convent who on earth is the only fenice, to sow it superfluous action, make Chinese history from the dangerous and pitfalls. Can put it this way, the unknown origin of birds’ eggs than a hydrogen bomb after dozens of century the power of the whole one hundred times over.

wrote so many, I am very ashamed, qin ancestors who exactly? I still can’t confirm. Chinese history is the way it is, you want to clarify a few things, can it devilishly hard to approximately equal to waste time. (kai-lin wang)