Rare cicada crown bodhisattva as: who broke in three on the day of 14 years (figure)

cicada crown bodhisattva as

in shandong province museum, there is such a statue through all taking is to appear in front of the world’s precious, & ndash; & ndash; Eastern wei cicada crown as bodhisattva.

in March 2011, the shandong museum 10 & other; Meanwhile, & throughout; Selection, and at the same time identify the audience favorite, most storyline awards, the most visual impact award, hearing impact award four special prize collection, cicada crown as bodhisattva won & other The most story prize & throughout; .

cicada crown bodhisattva as unearthed in shandong boxing famous longhua temple ruins, Lao 120.5 cm, in January 2008, is the shandong museum treasures of Buddhism.

fine art

bodhisattva as beautiful appearance, huge head after the round head light, Dai Gaoguan, corners of the mouth slightly become warped, face with a smile. In a flat on the right clothes, shoulders by wearing silks, silks with points to both sides, after the knot before the bosom prolapse to crus side fold up, finally respectively hang around two elbow, two cubits lateral drooping silks has been damaged; Dressed in long skirt, dense ruffle skirt attire in distribution. Bodhisattva slender body, the dress is a bit thin and stick put oneself, folds the secret and not thick, the whole body already showed a light spirit, without the feeling of massiness, northern wei period is a typical eastern wei period.

bodhisattva body adornment is very gorgeous, each made a circular trim shoulders, chest hang two layers necklace, chain drop a treasure; Red wreaths all from the shoulders droop, to both sides of the abdomen after crossing points, then bends to the behind, abdominal intersections before decorate a big treasure. The most notable is the center of the bodhisattva coronet decorated cicada, & other; Cicada crown bodhisattva as & throughout; Hence the name also, so far in shandong province have found two cases of cicada bodhisattva statues, the cicada, Buddhism is very rare, even in the world so precious.

cicada finish because of the champions league, therefore calls the cicada. Cicada crown worn by retinue officer in han dynasty, the earliest retinue officer often accompany around the emperor’s, as a consultant of the emperor, can be in and out of court, then position gradually improve, some even on behalf of the emperor and his courtiers theory of politics, power over prime minister. Children often to & other; Cicada crown & throughout; Metaphor dignitaries, senior officials.

but cicada crown decoration on the bodhisattva as is what meaning? The cicada on physiological and human beings, also give the metaphor of cicada. Cicada larva secluded in the ground, after some years, hulling, tree, hooted, unearthed from cicada such is life cycle, is a symbol of the resurrection of life cycle and things. Early Taoism is take & other; Cicada & throughout; Metaphor human feather hsien, cicadas have become the symbol of the spirit of the celestial objects, the undead. Early Buddhism in China accepted the local folk immortal thoughts and Taoist ideas, Buddha and bodhisattva is often regarded as gods, so the bodhisattva crown decorated cicada lines are not strange, this is also an example of sinicization of Buddhism statues. Zen life cycle at the same time, also expressed the buddhist concept of rebirth.

Reflect the goddess of mercy of faith

according to rough statistics, shandong northern dynasties monomer bodhisattva as occupies a large proportion of the number of local regions can reach more than 60%, shandong northern dynasties bodhisattva belief is very popular, the goddess of mercy in bodhisattva belief systems occupy a dominant position. Why the shandong folk popular belief in the goddess of mercy? It has to do with the turbulent social environment.

the northern and southern dynasties, south, north regime standoff, shandong is on the verge of south and north region, as the two sides compete for objects, most of the time belongs to the north of shandong, shandong belong to the jurisdiction of the southern dynasty also nearly 60 years; War is more frequent in shandong, people’s desire for peace, peace, the reality often do not have to, so we have to consign well-connected Buddhism. In particular, the goddess of mercy, very popular with the people, because faith is very easy, buddhist scriptures say: & other; If there is boundless 0.1 quintillion being affected by the distress, smell is avalokitesvara, one said, the sounds of the avalokitesvara instant view, and deliverance. Throughout the &; That simply by calling the goddess of mercy, the goddess of mercy to solve the distress will hear a sound. And the goddess of mercy and many & other; Efficacy & throughout; Legend, such as, shandong Wang Xuanmo tyrannical and origins of southern dynasty liu song, evidence repeatedly in the northern expedition, and was sentenced to death in prison for the defeat, dream someone told him & other; Recite guanyin by thousand times, may prevent & throughout; God wants us to meet a few wrong people, Wang Xuanmo we wake up to in accordance with the said repeatedly read by the goddess of mercy, he was coming from the day before the execution of the death penalty.

after the existing cultural relics inscribed copy objects of the statues of the statistics, shandong northern dynasties made maitreya like most, build the goddess of mercy as second, visible, the goddess of mercy of faith in shandong province is very popular, although most bodhisattva like no inscriptions, but many can be classified as the goddess of mercy statues. Cicada crown as though there is no obvious characteristics of the goddess of mercy as bodhisattva, but this kind of monomer of vertical round bodhisattva as there is no precedent for other buddhist statues, in view of the heat of the goddess of mercy of faith in shandong, temporarily to be classified as the goddess of mercy statues nor is not.

tortuous near-re-embodiment experience

in March 1976, a boxing zhang officer Chen home town village villagers digging mat foundations, didn’t mean to put out a pile of Buddha, the Buddha is mainly lithic, although are broken, but to put more neatly in the holes. Unfortunately, when boxing cultural relics department were to survey the scene already damaged, most of the stone also has long been nearby villagers as stone away.

after unremitting efforts by the local cultural relics cadres, a few years to find hundreds of pieces, the bonding repair, such as the total recovery of figure of Buddha, Buddha imperfect individuals 73 and now in shandong province museum of cicadas crown bodhisattva as foreclosures which is the most precious one. Cicada crown bodhisattva as found when he has broken into three pieces, local cadres cultural relics shao-nan li spent three years before and after the three times from three villagers found in the home, splicing ChengYiZun relatively complete bodhisattva as finally. Full facts from unearthed in 1976 to 1976, local cultural relics management cicada crown bodhisattva tortuous near-re-embodiment seemed doomed it unearthed before and after the unearthed inevitable suffering experience.

what boxing officer, zhang village, the villagers dug holes is actually an ancient burial figure of Buddha of aged pit. Why is buried a pit of Buddha? Why the Buddha is broken? This is from the Buddha through disaster about one thousand years ago.

due to the royal family and the government’s support vigorously, the northern dynasties is the Chinese Buddhism flourished during the peak of the first, at the same time, it is under the control of the emperor and his court, in north short out twice in 200 large-scale Buddha, Buddha and monasteries are devastating damage. Belong to put under the jurisdiction of the shandong region has experienced the second out of Buddha in the history of Chinese sports, namely in 577 AD, their tapping out the beiqi, in shandong province for their emperor wudi demolish Buddhism policy. Boxing officer, zhang village, aged pits all buddhas of the eastern wei to relics beiqi period, people assume that they are the victims of the movement.

the Buddhism thought after Buddha’s nirvana, passes through the teachings, as it is, at the end of the three stages of development. At the end of the so-called method, namely the dharma of extinction. This idea originated in ancient India, Buddhism promotes method at the end of the thought, is the requirement that buddhists should have suffering consciousness, trying to stay dhamma, the benefit of all beings. So, after a north Korean out the Buddha, the buddhist believers did not pessimistic, instead of at the end of the law point of view. Large-scale disaster of Buddhism, buddhist followers also gradually formed the burial custom of figure of Buddha, they will be collected piles of broken figure of Buddha, dug a pit buried like buried buddhist sarira. This is boxing officer, zhang village, the history of the aged pits.

14 years on the day

experienced difficulty of cicada, crown bodhisattva as facts county cultural relics management and experienced a rough experience, living overseas for 14 years.

early July 1994 a heavy rain the night, cicadas bodhisattva as missing, missing after a few years, until December 1999, two letters almost at the same time reveals the cicada crown bodhisattva as fan. Letter is climacus Beijing university, a well-known Chinese scholar Mr SuBai written send Mr Yang Hong mysterious letters at the Chinese academy of social sciences, the other a letter is from m sinai, ancient art foundation President Mario & middot; Mr Robert’s letter.

the original cicada crown bodhisattva as to British cultural relics stolen circulation market, in 1995 at the MUSEUM by Japan (MIHO MUSEUM) spending a huge sum of money, bought into the MUSEUM exhibition of cultural relics. In international owing to the help of friends, and after many rounds of negotiations, finally reached an agreement in April 2001, and formally signed a memorandum, determine the end of 2007 in the United States show museum founded 10 weeks calendar as Japan will this rare free is China’s shandong province. In January 2008, wandering out for 14 years of cicadas bodhisattva as finally returns to her hometown, Tibet museum of shandong. Shandong museum also forged a good marriage and beauty show museum, according to the previously identified a gift also agreement, cicada beauty crown like every five years since the bodhisattva to show a museum exhibition.

today, cicada bodhisattva as as a collection of cultural relics, stands at the museum of shandong delicate exhibition hall, fully display the afterglow, 1500 years ago, to accept the way that the appreciation and respects.