Rattle the warring states period was the first instrument Now into a special present

good harvest

rattle history can be traced back to the warring states period, is an old musical instrument. On both sides of its main body is a small drum, with tiny, drum with handle, rotating drum handle projectile shaking drum sound. Can also be a bamboo drum cavity can be wood, and mud, hard paper; Raised made of sheepskin, leather, snakeskin or paper, of which the most typical wooden body skin surface. The earliest rattle said & other; Place your & throughout; (tá O), “the book of songs & middot; has be” in the record & other; 鞉 & throughout; (tá Place your o).

after place your into folk, lost the function of the reed, evolved into folk acoustic. The peddler often shake a rattle to attract customers. City commercial development since the Ming and qing dynasties, rattle & other; Found throughout the &; Streets in Beijing, many reflect the old Beijing ordinary folk custom in the book are the description of the rattle, rattle ringing sound accompanied by many beijingers childhood memories.

when the Beijing Olympic Games, rattle is selected as gifts with Beijing cultural characteristics; In 2011, the eighth & other; Beijing gift & throughout; Commodity competition, called & other; Good harvest & throughout; The rattle was named the gold medal. Designer Mr Good folk rattle and city royal etiquette acoustic elements, the combination of drum head stroke pattern, drum and coloured drawing or pattern, & other; The aesthetic characteristics of the decoration, increased the rattle, strengthened this kind of toy from the visual entertainment features and cultural attributes. Throughout the &; Nick said. Rattle from considering environmental protection, Mr Good designed paper, in order to present a better effect, drum cavity also device color LED lights, small rattle not only bearing the traditional cultural charm, also convey fashion colour.