Real ikkyu: “Yin Yin wine color also her poem” a 77 – year – old and the blind girl fell in love (FIG.)

“clever ikkyu” still a rest

& other; Ikkyu elder brother! Throughout the &; & other; Ah & ndash; & ndash; Throughout the &; ; & other; Rest, rest. Throughout the &; The small round head monk from Japan, crisp playful children, along with countless after 70, growth after 80. In every difficulty, eshoo circle on his head, biting, with a plan to mind, the wisdom of the state of an image, the conquest of myriad Chinese audience’s heart.

on June 30, 2012, the Japanese Fuji TV effort behind miniseries “clever ikkyu” reality version released in Japan. Adaptation of the classic, however, is always a risk. By Japanese hot child stars f in a rest today, that Chinese netizens are fun, & other; The rest look smart enough & throughout; , & other; There are a few small eyes, a sensitivity, more head & throughout; ?? Live-action ikkyu challenges the imagination of people, and in the history of real ikkyu image, maybe will be more people imagine. Surroundings his words and deeds degenerate, defining, despised dignitaries as their agents, to be close to the subaltern, is not only the profound dharma zen masters, also its apparent relationships-particularly those founded, has written that have not erotic poems, surprisingly blunt?? The in & other; Mad monk & throughout; In the name of Japan’s three big strange monk ikkyu elder brother, walk the road to an unusual practice.

northern and southern dynasties, prince on folk

ikkyu ZongChun eshoo’s full name, eshoo’s number in his ways. Cartoon small ikkyu is set to ashikaga general scramble for power and killed opponents, the son of live-action ikkyu restored his status as a prince. Ikkyu born decades, Japan is experiencing the division of labor of the northern and southern dynasties.

in 1333, after finally destroy the kamakura shogunate emperor there. He wang to restore ancient ways, trying to zte royal, said & other; Kenwood zte & throughout; . But the new regime to reuse the Kyoto kenwood or noble, for the vast number of samurai take protective policies, incurring the wrath of the samurai around. Act 1336, general takauji rate army invaded the Kyoto, then hold the Ming court system FengRen prince to light the emperor, established the muromachi shogunate. After finally escaped into the wild, the emperor acceded to the throne, once again to the known & other; Throughout south &; And said the north of Kyoto & other; Pseudo throughout the &; . Japan into the northern and southern dynasties era.

in 1358, takauji died due to illness, son ashikaga righteousness interpretation became great. Grandson ashikaga righteousness that year was born, he always throws a rest is animated and mini series general ashikaga prototype. In 1367, the interpretation of death by righteousness, general righteousness with succession at the age of ten. He has guts ingenuity, eventually surpassed that of his grandfather and father, successively promoted to minister and minister of the left. After 1382, north of the emperor’s then interprets the emperor to abdicate, komatsu chrysanthemum throne after kiss full of righteousness. The real power to righteousness full run, in the little against his forces.

although the north Korean system in the Ming court live in Kyoto, but the symbol of the emperor theocratic & other; Three artifacts throughout the &; But, in the hands of southern dynasty temple of great enlightenment to send, so its thought orthodoxy. Over time, in the force, reunification has become a trend. In 1392, the ashikaga righteousness in full writing guishan after emperor, proposes three conditions: uniform in the artifact back to north Korea; In the future the throne by temple of great enlightenment and the Ming court sent took turns to inherit; States territory by two royal jurisdiction respectively. After final negotiations success, guishan to hand over the emperor & other; Three artifacts throughout the &; Enter, in Kyoto temple of great enlightenment when’d. Ashikaga righteousness, however, did not deliver. After komatsu get artifact, after the emperor announced by the prince, prince inherits the throne. Guishan after the descendants of the emperor found bluffed, but it is too late. The unification of the northern and southern dynasties confrontation fifty-six years.