Red: “crap” poetry Bai Yunzhen is white in the sky White is dead

reporter Wang Huichun

& other; Always some silly fork, interested in gossiping about poems and poets. Throughout the &; Pioneer poets livid poems after the controversy on the Internet, yesterday, once in the same mass of saliva & other; Pear body & throughout; The poet zhao lihua out backed counterparts.

on the Internet, livid poem is the most widely circulated this song “‘s praise of the white cloud “: & other; Heaven Bai Yunzhen white/really, very white very white/white/very very very very white very white/rogue/almost white dead/& ndash; & ndash; Throughout the &; The net friend directly named & other; Nonsense poem & throughout; , to all sorts of parody, netizens question is very straightforward, & other; This also calculate? Throughout the &; , & other Ah, this is a very black, black, black, very very very black. Throughout the &;

black: play grand is out of date

the controversy over the Internet laugh, black posted many years ago a poem self-mockery, & other; Is not the greatest poem when I actually controversial’s praise of the white cloud, but this first “DuZhuo under the moon”. Written in 12 years ago. Throughout the &; The poem copy and paste the li bai’s “DuZhuo under the moon”, finally added & other; This poem was written by li bai & throughout; . Some netizens accused, black this poem is the harm of poetry. Black again now written a song “I hurt you, also a fire over” : & other; I will give my mother call her and tell her/I recently fire/is online? My mother won’t get to the Internet, really?/really, my dear mother/this time, I never cheat you, my mother listened to very happy, then? She said/then I will not fire. I say & throughout;

attitude toward black this joke, Hong Kong poet Liao Weitang also have small, & other; This poem is the only value according to the author’s so-called poor language level has reached its limits. Throughout the &; Black also tit-for-tat: & other; In liao poems or skill. Even if the technology, playing grand is outdated. Throughout the &;

zhao lihua:

silly fork comment on poetry

it is interesting to note that zhao lihua was also come out to support black yesterday, she said vehemently, & other; Always some silly fork, interested in gossiping about poems and poets throughout the &; And said more than a decade ago seen after’s praise of the white clouds, namely, was convinced & other; This poem is excessive rhetoric, withdrawn, mouthful of past the poetry style of a backwash of wall is the mainstream discourse system of grand narratives and big a subversive, is referred to in all so-called, signifier, poetry, moral, and imposed on the white clouds completely eliminate cliche of metaphor. Throughout the &;

although netizens to & other; Nonsense poem & throughout; Abuse mostly, but others said, livid poem let oneself smile dead, & other; Some of the poems also quite waukesha. Throughout the &; Black insist that poetry can write anything attitude: & other; Why do like also suspect, why not believe in yourself? Throughout the &;