Restore the university entrance exam in the 70 s Millions of young racking their brains to find books are facing lift boom

in 1977, China at the end of the decade & other; The cultural revolution & throughout; Happened after unrest, an event to the country and the fate of youth, that is to restore the university entrance exam. At the same time, the emergence of a “English self-study books, has brought the desire for college educated youth confidence and hope. In order to get the books as soon as possible, the whole family out in front of xinhua bookstore queue up overnight spectacle, printing is also work on day and night, but it is still in short supply. Because the books, those & other; The cultural revolution & throughout; Delayed the fate of the young people, from now on have changed.

decisive reprint self-study series

in August 1977, comrade hosted in Beijing the science and education work symposium, at the conference, deng xiaoping, on the spot clappers, change & other; The cultural revolution & throughout; Recommended period on university enrollment in colleges and universities. That year, restore the university entrance exam in China. This news activated, including Wang Xiangming millions of educated youth silent heart.

1977 Shanghai college entrance examination time is identified as December 11 and 12, this is the only time in the history of the university entrance exam, winter is also the most hastily, because to restore the university entrance exam on October 21, 1977, the news of news publishing, leave the exam is only a little more than a month.

the seven 7 tall examinee Wang Xiangming recalls, & other; Really get the university entrance exam of hard news is 40 days, there was no review data, then high school textbook a book called “industry base”, a book called “the agricultural base,” and the university entrance exam is two way. Throughout the &;

in the educated youth to find review materials when you are sad, Shanghai science and technology publishing house to one of the editors and youths named Xu Fusheng to together.

8 September 1977, Xu Fusheng from in Beijing took part in deng xiaoping called old professor, researchers to get a message back panel Su Buqing, will restore the university entrance exam that year. As a publisher, Xu Fusheng first reaction is to book. Those who has many years of students leaving school, to prepare, review the data? To read a book, the book?

the educated youth to meet, have a good, have a weak foundation, more is not read high school, many people even didn’t read the junior middle school, and so many years of neglect. Xu Fusheng thought of a set have been published in the last century 60 s, English self-study books. A full set of reprint issue, however, has been behind the date for the college entrance examination in 1977, he decided to race against time, partial publication, “algebra” the first of the first hit the market.

even if only a, also can be a lifesaver first. Especially for Wang Xiangming, parents are winging humiliated, was framed as & other; Traitor & throughout; , & other; The cultural revolution & throughout; S to his family background, it is impossible to be recommended as college students of workers, peasants and soldiers. Restore the university entrance exam, Wang Xiangming can really fair to win the opportunity to read for yourself. , his most desire and need is preparing for examination of books and materials, in the same production team when another educated youth, client bought from Shanghai has just published the “English self-study books” “algebra” volume 1, he envy.

dump out the book

for the same and not the English self-study books still have the old photo on the young man, his name is Zheng Weian, originally in Shanghai luwan district streets FangXiu team do small carpenter, restore the university entrance exam, after he jumped over the high school and university undergraduate course, directly to the graduate student of east China normal university department of mathematics, after media reports, became a household legendary figure.

40 years passed, he still remember & other; The cultural revolution & throughout; S saw the English self-study books, but not in the xinhua bookstore, but at the recycling station.

the original by the Shanghai science and technology publishing house published for the first time in the early stage of the 1960 s the English self-study books, is a set of condensed the wisdom and efforts of learning books many scholars, was first published criticism, however, the reason is that & other Learn English everywhere throughout the &; That is the product of revisionism route. & other; The cultural revolution & throughout; In the series against the direction of the countryside, the need to destroy, finally become a waste.

the Zheng Weian in recycling center to see the books, very want to buy it, but eventually gave up. Because & other; A book is seven star, it’s too expensive, I can’t afford to buy, I buy 1 cent a commonly. Throughout the &; In & other; Reading useless theory & throughout; Prevailing times, there are still people like Zheng Weian quietly reading, self-study quietly; Or there will be someone to the recycling station to find books, in the special times, scrap has become a special store.

Zheng Weian think: & other; Countries always need scientists, engineers, need of high-end talent. Throughout the &; With such a faith that small carpenter cold window study hard, study, until 1977 to restore the university entrance exam, small carpenter Zheng Weian advanced placement into the university, he changed the fate of. In the same way, once born English self-study books, restore the university entrance exam in China, also ushered in its second spring of life. This is because China ushered in a science of spring, the spring of education.

handwritten “algebra” is facing

when most of the educated youth in China are in rural areas and farms to the countryside when farmers, Shanghai has just published the “English self-study books” is for those who want to attend the university entrance exam of educated youth for emergencies. According to the retired worker memories of Shanghai east road, xinhua bookstore, when xinhua bookstore to leave door there are several hours a day, outside is crowded, the team from shandong road, jiujiang road and hankou road has been to henan road. & other; Some people take small wooden bench, because the person is too much, we were in the middle of the night to line up. Throughout the &; In the queue in addition to young people, mostly the elderly, they come to the bookstore to snap up a set of English self-study books, or even the whole family, in order to buy a few sets of more, send relatives in jiangxi, anhui, yunnan, where relatives waiting to look forward to getting the self-study books at an early date.

in jiangxi settled in Wang Xiangming tried to consider as educated youth to borrow the book “algebra” volume 1, the educated youth reluctantly threw the book to him, he open on see, see the words & other; Books and his wife will not be checked out & throughout; . Wang Xiangming enough to return the book to somebody else. As Wang Xiangming suffer from no recitations, Wang Xiangming uncle in Shanghai to somebody else to borrow “algebra” volume 1, but the loan period is short, can’t send Wang Xiangming, so my uncle will send Wang Xiangming copy down all the books.

after receiving the manuscripts, Wang Xiangming day and night, sleepless nights to do their homework, solution topic. Because he is & other; The cultural revolution & throughout; Before high school students, elementary knowledge is solid, plus have the direction and the university entrance exam to review data, which made him to attend the university entrance exam of confidence.

in the winter of 1977, the review for more than a month later, Wang Xiangming stepped into the examination room after 11 years. That year at the age of 570 10230 youth with one common dream into the examination room, the 270000 students were admitted to university, Wang Xiangming is one of the lucky dog, he get admitted to the jiangxi shangrao normal college.

today, Wang Xiangming also decorated with the manuscripts, this has become a witness and remembrance of his life. Maybe after college, he realized, then, as he opened the manuscripts, his life is going to turn a new page.

published in “Shanghai”, we see a definite sales for the “English self-study books” records: total sold 73.95 million copies. The number of hot, create sales in the whole country for the first “Ming dynasty those things” goes, the latter just crossed 5 million copies. This is a miracle in the history of Chinese publishing. In this and other Couldn’t meet the teacher & throughout; Under the lead of the educated youth are distinguished step by step into the palace of knowledge, which also caused the learning rush of the whole society.