Reveal 608 liangzhu carved operator puzzle: word or earlier than oracle

yesterday, by the management committee of hangzhou liangzhu site, sponsored by the hangzhou city yuhang branch research council & other; Score of liangzhu culture symbols throughout the study &; Subject expert meeting, held in yuhang.

from jiangsu, zhejiang, Shanghai, Hong Kong and experts of archaeology and ancient experts, etc., around some & other; Symbol & throughout; Are discussed.

these symbols are similar in some with oracle, such as & other; The king & throughout; , & other Soil & throughout; , & other Five & throughout; Completely different, some with oracle. The key is that some of them earlier than oracle.

it is the origin of Chinese characters? Yesterday, the reporter on this topic research team of experts conducted an exclusive interview.

these symbols, unearthed in recent years many

in the 1960 s, the distribution area of liangzhu culture, discovered a few score symbolic objects, and after ninety s, the bottle of kiln, anxi and liangzhu area, many centers around the scope of liangzhu cemetery and house address, unearthed a large number of pottery with score symbols. Especially in jiaxing pinghu ZhuangQiao tomb, discovered in the score number symbols, reached more than two hundred.

according to the researchers, from the project group of liangzhu museum of authority is introduced, and the second stage work since August 2012, 534 to collect artifacts, engraved 608. In yesterday’s conference site that shows a lot of interesting symbol, there are some symbols, a look, you can recognize it. Like flowers, birds, lobster, the shape of a crocodile, caterpillar, reporter also found a symbol, and with a bite out of apple, surprisingly similar.

there are some symbols, and oracle is really look like.

in 1935, archaeologists in liangzhu He Tianhang found a black pottery plate, inscribed with a dozen symbols, through comparison, analysis of symbols with oracle, jinwen, found seven symbols are isomorphic words in the oracle, three homomorphism words in wen-zhong jin. In the score of symbols shown yesterday, a symbol on BianGuShan unearthed artifacts, with the oracle & other; Five & throughout; , it’s very similar.